5 Ethical & Eco Eid Gifts For Children

If you're looking for unconventional Eid gifts for children, begin here. Here are 5 cool, ethical and eco-inspired toys and gadgets that...

If you're looking for unconventional Eid gifts for children, begin here. Here are 5 cool, ethical and eco-inspired toys and gadgets that will most definitely kick start the 'green' in the little Muslims in your life.

1) Solar powered helicopter, by
For older children and adults, this DIY wooden helicopter kit is powered by an integrated solar panel. No cutting and faffing about, get one and another purely for ornamental value.

2) Zaky's Adventures - The Earth Has A Fever (DVD), Sound Vision
The first animated film of Zaky educates children about climate change and what they can do for the environment. It's a great DVD for an Eid party, teaching the important of teamwork with fun, saving a sick Earth and an adorable adventure storyline.

3) Green Toys™ Blocks
All 18 of Green Toys' large recycled plastic blocks are the "world’s most enviro-friendly building set". They're even packaged using only recycled and recyclable materials and those vibrant colours are printed with soy inks. A sweet present for tiny environmentalist hands.

4) Nature Bag activity kit (
The Nature Bag is a wonderful pack of 100% eco wondrous tools for children to explore the natural world. Included in the organic bag are a rubberwood magnifying glass, an activity book, recycled notepad and pencil, soy based crayons, twine, leaf viewers and more. A great gift from teachers and parents alike to take a walk with their little bugs.

5) Recycled cardboard Rocket –
This recycled card rocket is delivered flat-packed and blank for children to decorate and personalise. It stands without support and can be dismantled and folded flat again. The rocket is pretty light to carry - it's card, after all. I can see this at adults' gatherings too.

Now that you've picked out something beautiful for your loves, give a little something back to save other children.

Get a pack of Ramadan cookies for Eid parties in the form of a halal gingerbread men couple. I'm giving these freshly baked cookies free to anyone who supports my fundraising until the 25th August.

+ Read about the Ramadan Cookie Project.

Happy early Eid-mas folks.
Peace & eco-jihad.


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  1. Wow that's an great idea to give Eco friendly gifts to children as it will help the children to know about how to keep their environment clean which is now deteriorating day by day.
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