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For the past couple of years I've been ordering naughty food boxes from , and I can't stop. And what is They...

For the past couple of years I've been ordering naughty food boxes from, and I can't stop.

And what is
They are an online service providing healthy food by post. It's totally halal and thus, Muslim-friendly. You choose a type of food box - up to 4 individual portions of mixed nuts, dried/fresh fruit, even chocolate - rate the organic foods so Graze know what you want, and get it delivered within 24hrs. It's that simple.

How it works delivery nationwide in the UK, based on the days you pick you want to receive them. You can order a regular delivery, push back orders or cancel altogether so it's not like one of those sly book clubs that cling to you and your bank balance. are your friends!

Ordering isn't really a hassle, in fact it's fun picking and choosing your own box contents and receiving it. It works out better than going out to a store, choosing the same food products that will most likely be of lower quality, or they'll be more expensive, so with each box is more cost effective. Saying that however, the price has increased by a quid (£1) over the last year therefore it's now £3.49, but for a weekly purchase, it's cool beans. is designed for the working person and will deliver to you workplace. There's "enough" scrumptious food to prevent snacking in between meals and it's damn good for you. Halal and good to the taste-buds, masha'Allah.

I've wanted a similar business for people abroad who can't afford basic foods - providing them with sealed, nutritional food sounds like a beautiful idea but I don't know how economically viable that would be.

What food can I get? recently developed their food range into seeded breads, flapjacks and spiced fruits. The salsa-almonds and fennel-peanuts took my fancy; it sounds warped but trust me, they're good flavours.
"We offer delicious, healthy, natural food; delicious nuts, seeds & dried fruits, tasty crackers & olives, freshly baked focaccia, as well as some well deserved flapjacks and natural treats. 
Our range is completely free from artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives and everything is hand-picked from the finest producers."
The detox range is earthy: after eating folks get to rate or slate the box

In January the nibble box was launched: your insides will love the large bite-sized flapjacks, breads and unusual roasted flavours - as a Muslim I'd recommend one of these to open you fast with, it's quite filling

I like that isn't a show-offy organisation boasting of whatever they bought of the supermarket shelves. There is hardcore research into their work. They obtain, cook, dry, flavour and preserve the food groups themselves and there's a wide variety to choose from; everything arrives sealed and the entire packaging if recycled. The icing on this halal cake is that Graze also cater to vegetarians, vegans and most dietary requirements:

If that hasn't convinced you, check it out for yourself:


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