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#EcoIslam news, environment tips and Green Muslim lifestyle from British Muslim Zaufishan Iqbal. “As-salam`alaykum, greetings of peace,...

#EcoIslam news, environment tips and Green Muslim lifestyle from British Muslim Zaufishan Iqbal.

“As-salam`alaykum, greetings of peace, respect and eco-jihad.”

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The Eco Muslim is part of Zaufishan Iqbal's "eco jihad", a greener effort to make our community on Earth that tiny bit purer to live in. Or at least, a wee bit sparklier for the day after tomorrow.

Zaufishan encourages everyone to live on less by following the 4Rs: Reuse! (e.g. leftover water) Reduce! (how much food you waste) Recycle! (your unwanted clothes) Reject! (poverty, homelessness and exploitation) Insha-Allah (God willing).

"Human beings according to Islam are considered the best of creation. Created from organic materials, Earth, water and infused with the 'fitra' - a divine inclination - humans are from the Earth. The Earth is a part of ourselves. And it is our responsibility to protect it." ~ The Eco Muslim

The Eco-Jihad
A general understanding of the Arabic word Jihaad (جهاد) is a Muslim's struggle of self-improvement. Muslims struggle to wake up for fajr (morning) prayer, remove injustice and keep our mosques tayyab (clean and pure). And an eco-jihad is only one branch of a Muslim's Jihad.

An eco-jihad is the effort to preserve what's natural around us, to value resources from wherever they are sourced and to improve the quality of life for others - people, animals and plants. It could mean organising a street clean-up, planting a tree or eating organic. That is an eco-jihad.

How You Can Chip In
The Eco Muslim works with some of the world’s leading people to grow the branches between ‘green’ faith and social action, and makes du`a’ (supplication) that her generation of Muslims will be fearless in healing their malnourished communities.

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