Figs: Just What Allah Prescribed

Allah created many green plants on Earth and from all the kings of fruits, the fudgy fig has a special status in the Qur'an. Gardener ...

Allah created many green plants on Earth and from all the kings of fruits, the fudgy fig has a special status in the Qur'an. Gardener and newbie eco-Muslim Vanessa Mullen takes us through its cures shares her favourite Ramadan recipe for fig milkshakes.
"By the Fig and the Olive." (Qur'an, 95:1)
According to the Companion Abu Darda someone presented figs to the Prophet Muhammad, God's blessings and peace be upon him, and he began distributing it among his followers. He said:
"Eat the fig as it cures various intestinal diseases".
Ever tried a Fig Newton cookie? For me, the sugar packed, fig flavored, processed cookie does not give justice to the health benefits and spectacular healing properties of a “real” fig.

The healing properties of the fig itself, as well as the resemblance of the tree leaves to human hands is a miraculous creation and reminder of the beauty Allah subhanahu wa ta`la has bestowed upon us all, ma-sha-Allah!

The Clever Bit

Figs naturally contain high amounts of simple sugars, minerals, and fiber and are a good source of vitamins A, B, and C.

Since figs are a wonderful source of fiber they nourish and tone the intestines; its potassium helps control blood pressure.

The fig has been popular since ancient times because of their ability to increase stamina, and in more recent times because of their aid as a laxative and weight loss staple.

Figs And Your Health

It is said that figs can benefit and alleviate ailments of the liver, digestive tract and urinary tract, which is one of the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad.

Figs can help improve heartburn, cancer, paralysis, and can even curb nicotine cravings of those trying to quit smoking.

Fig leaves are also said to have antidiabetic properties and can potentially reduce the amount of insulin needed by those who have daily insulin injections.

Subhan-Allah! What a miraculous creation, and such a blessing! There are many more benefits than I listed, and I could go on forever about how great figs are for the body but in-sha-Allah we can all benefit from this tid bit of information from the small, but mighty fig.

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Vanessa lives in Virginia (United States) and reverted to Islam a little more than 1 year ago, Alhamdulillah. She is a full-time student and because of the lack of natural healing and health related programs that American schools offer, has made it her mission to study and help educate people about the healing of natural foods and herbs. Vanessa has helped others in overcoming basic and minor illnesses through herbal teas and diet changes, ma-sha-Allah. "Islam has given me a brighter outlook on life, as things now seem much more beautiful than ever before and I love nature, my tiny herb and vegetable garden, and enjoying the smallest of blessings Allah has given us."

Always Live simple, pure, and honest :)

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