Dawud Wharnsby Shares His Eco-Life From Pakistan

Look who took his guitar and environment love to "live simply" in Pakistan We all know Dawud (David) Wharnsby Ali. Born a Canadia...

Look who took his guitar and environment love to "live simply" in Pakistan

We all know Dawud (David) Wharnsby Ali. Born a Canadian poet, singer-songwriter, Dawud is a recognisable humble educator and spokesperson for the voiceless. This year Dawud began sharing outdoorsy upates from his family life near the Himalayas.
After embracing Islam in the early '90s, Dawud's performance and writing beautifully expressed an intimate spirituality that was welcome by the socially conscious and Muslim youth.

In recent years, Dawud has become a strong advocate of simple living and more involved in educational initiatives to artistically promote positive social change.

To get an idea of his track record, he began as a street performer in his teens, has set up his own publishing company Enter into Peace, an independent music label Silk Route Media, and has released over 15 solo albums, 2 poetry anthologies - including the recent Picnic of Poems: In Allah's Green Garden - and numerous collaborations. I was charmed when two Ramadans ago I saw Dawud Wharnsby singing in Urdu with Atif Aslam for an Olper's advert.

Dawud's community activism continues as in 2010 he was declared an Ambassador of Scouting by the UK Scout Association. Dawud Wharnsby is a true gentleman and inquisitive child at heart. Those who meet him, including The Eco Muslim, speak highly of his demeanour and character. I do believe aside from the enlightening talent Dawud has been blessed with, we simply like his down-to-earth goodness.

Now, the eco-poet resides "seasonally" between homes in Pakistan, Canada and the States. Dawud Wharnsby's blog, 'Follow a Poet, Following Goats', is a way of sharing his thoughts on living simply. Some of his posts include talking about tilling and planting in the sweltering Pakistani heat and saving vegetables from pests in Green Garden Blues. Despite some frustration with gardening, Dawud stays optimistic writing a cunning Snail haiku poem:

Snails in my garden,
eating all the new plant leaves.
Slimy little thieves.
"When dealing with nature’s ways, blame for things not going our way can never be placed on one particular source. In the case of my garden ~ both Creation and I have been in a one month tug-o-war, each trying to assert who is in control, with the result that we are both to blame for poor helpless vegetables being stunted beneath our feet. “We plan and God plans” ~ as has been written over centuries." - D. Wharnsby

Dawud frequently mentions the cultural backdrop of Pakistan, witty encounters with the locals and how his daughter, like Dawud, is a green Muslim. Love it. Masha'Allah.

Follow A Poet, Following Goats.
A Canadian Poet in Pakistan…Sipping at Simplicitea.

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