Visit The All Halal & Organic Willowbrook Farm, Oxfordshire

The organic Muslims at Willowbrook farm in Oxfordshire are welcoming The Eco Muslim viewers to try halal-organic produce and build a susta...

organic halal muslims farm
The organic Muslims at Willowbrook farm in Oxfordshire are welcoming The Eco Muslim viewers to try halal-organic produce and build a sustainable cob house.

Willowbrook is a family run organic farm nestled in the environmentally sensitive Cherwell Valley flood plain, close to Oxford. The Muslim family running the farm has been inviting visitors to take a tour and buy their produce since they moved to Willowbrook in 2002.

All-Halal, Free-Range and Organic
Their reliable quality, farming skills and halal meat has also earned them a reputable name, so much so that the Best of British Islam video series featured Willowbrook farm in 2010.

The farm is committed to sustainability by providing locally sourced foods and farming organically; Willowbrook is accredited by the Soil Association. More recently, the farm began building a cob house-a fireproof building made from earth and straw-and welcomes anyone interested to join their cob house making workshops. Contact details of how to book a workshop are below.

Visit Willowbrook Farm
Willowbrook farm has held open days on the last Saturday of every month for customers to buy their free-range produce.

organic halal meat uk sustainable muslims
Your shopping list will include free-range eggs, organic vegetables, halal meat, cheese and even gorgeous honey, locally sourced of course.

Such kind hospitality is being shown that we are also being invited to learn about organic farming at Willowbrook and have a relaxing, family day in the English countryside. So check your diary for the next three Saturdays and book one for a smashing itinerary. Come and visit the farmers, meet the animals, take a farm tour and rest your wellies at a café serving delicious home-made food. How can anyone resist that?

Build a Cob House
If sustainability is new to you, taking part in building a cob house may be just the real hands-on experience to start a greener lifestyle. It's manual labour but not difficult, it's actually 'arty' but fun and creates a structure that's long lasting and affordable.

Photos + Eco-luxury cob houses, a buyer's guide

A cob house is a building material consisting of earth, clay, sand, straw and water. It's used to patch up and strengthen walls, create simple structures or entire homes. Cob is fireproof, resistant to seismic activity and inexpensive, which is why it's being revised by sustainability movements. (Wikipedia).

Willowbrook farm have begun their cob house and really want you to learn the skills for building your own sustainable earthen building. No previous experience is necessary and you'll make many friends while you do it!

Open days at Willowbrook farm are on the last Saturday of every month till August 2012. 
For cob workshops email:

Address + Willowbrook Farm, Hampton Gay, Bletchingdon, Oxfordshire OX5 2QQ, England UK.
Tel + 01865 849957.

+ Willowbrook Organic Farm

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