3 Ethical Eid Outfit Styles For Men

Get an alternative style for Eid celebrations by trying out the ethical fashion department. Underrated and underused, opting for ethically...

Get an alternative style for Eid celebrations by trying out the ethical fashion department. Underrated and underused, opting for ethically sourced clothing adds the 'Islamic' to your organic eco-lifestyle. Plus, you still look pretty suave.

Here are 3 unique styles for men to wear on Eid:

The Peppy street-Muslim
For a more urban look, I've found these items of clothing that show off a balanced street-wise attitude, which won't upset the elders.

Kamikaze Boneyard Tshirt, Kamikaze Boarding - £20.00
Coming from a skateboarding culture, the Kamikaze tshirt is infused with street style. It's certified for a reduced carbon footprint, is produced from organic Indian cotton and certified for ethical and environmental justice, meaning from beginning to end, it has minimum impact.

Hemp black & white trainers, - £44.04
Made from organically grown sustainable hemp, this hi-top baseball boot is complimented by black rubber soles. They're also 100% sweatshop and cruelty free which means labourers making the trainers get a fair wage in good working conditions.

Brown Antic trousers, WOMbat - £16.00
An Australian home brand, WOMbat's Fairtrade trousers are smart-casual and available in charcoal colour. With a button fly and contrast stitching they're excellent value (orginal price: £32.00).

Jacob James STINGplus Flat Cap, The Natural Store - £49.00
The price may sting a little but the long-term comfort of the cap won't. The STINGplus flat cap is made from an unwanted stinging nettle and wool blend harvested in Lincolnshire, England. The lining is fairtrade organic cotton and even the labels are made from recycled card. Way to go Jacob James!

Brown Bourgeois Boheme 'Luke' Belt, The Natural Store - £24.00
A simple black belt hand-made in Portugal and a solid silver buckle, this makes a great combination with the antic trousers.

Red Skate Deck, Kamikaze Boarding - £45.00
Created with 70% bamboo fibres, the skate deck saves cutting down the more commonly used maple trees. Bamboo is significantly stronger than maple and has a better 'memory' for those 'pop' moves.

Sensible for Salat
In preparation for itikaf (a spiritual retreat) and a simpler celebration, get organised with practical, pocketed attire.

Buttoned Tunic, Shukr - on sale for £39.95 (originally £49.95).
Shukr started out as an ethical store for Muslim clothing and have retained their reputation through competitive designs. The sand coloured mandarin collar tunic has a contemporary style and modern cut. Decorated with wooden buttons at the neck and cuffs, the top is made from lightweight cotton - a great seasonal buy.

Men's Patagonia Organic Cotton Trousers, Natural Collection - £17.65
Made from organic cotton canvas, Patagonia's builder pants are durable and roomy, featuring 5 pockets for all your multi-tasking. That's one for your recycled tasbih prayer beads, one for your phone with the Qur'an app, one for your eco-friendly miswak... you get the picture. These trousers are on sale too, originally £58.95.

Leather Adventure Sandal, Matalan - £16.00
Perhaps a little less known for their environmental policies, Matalan department stores in England have an ethical background, making greater efforts to recycle and reduce energy consumption. Their sandals are easy care shoes with velcro straps, perfect for a quick onsite-mosque wudhu.

Two Strap Brown Leather Trainer, Matalan - £25.00
Also with velcro straps is this casual brown trainer-shoe, designed for contemplative walks, and spiritual sprints. Laces for adults are so 1950s.

Messenger Satchel - - £12.99
How will you carry your iftar-box and dua books? In a fair trade satchel of course. Aptly named Messenger, this jute bag comes with an adjustable strap, pockets for a cell phone, bottle, a third pocket and a clip closure. Student or scholar, a Muslim man needs a Messenger to carry the important stuff.

Stone Prayer Beads,, $29.95 now $19.95
Cool and heavy, Indian craftsmen make these stone prayer beads priced at just over £12 (discounted) in British sterling. Cased in a velvet, wooden box, this tasbih makes a unique gift and heirloom.

For true eco-muslimness, trade your regular tasbih for recycled glass beads from Ghana, Africa, where an age-old technique of crushing and heating glass makes every single bead different.

The Modernity-in-Moderation look
Without stinting on contemporary style, simplify your sophisticated attire for dinners and evening parties. Many Muslims go for a classier image but at a costly price. I say ignore brand labels and try these on for size:

Classic Poplin Shirt (black), People Tree, £32.00 (originally £45.00)

A plain fitted poplin shirt is a good base to layer on personal style. This shirt is made from organic cotton in India and finished off with single buttons at the cuffs.

Bourgeois Boheme 'Stuart' Oxford Shoes, The Natural Store - £68.00
Back at The Natural Store, I like their categorisation of ethical, organic, fair trade and vegan. These faux leather shoes are vegan - completely free from animal product. The price is hefty, but for a shoe investment, it's a good deal.

Braintree Mens Canvas Jeans, Ethical Superstore - £45.00
"Stylish, flattering and comfortable" are how these eco-friendly canvas jeans are described. Made from a mix of hemp and organic cotton these sturdy jeans have five pockets, belt loops and a button and zip opening.

Skinny Gray Tie, Jaan J. - $29.50
The home of non-silk ties, Jaan J. is for a vegan audience and Muslim men who are not allowed to wear silk from religious belief (women are allowed). All of Jaan J.'s ties are made from woven microfiber satin, giving the effect of silk, and come in a array of upper-class styles and textures. This grey (I'm British) skinny tie creates a slick contrast next to black.

Recycled Tyre Tube Belts, Love Eco - £36.00
Just when you thought I was done with recycling, here's a belt made entirely out of a bike tyre tube. They don't look "bikey" and they're not going to get a puncture - but you'll know you're wearing a fantastic recycled wheel around your waist.

Happy `Eid fellow eco-Muslims and make du`a for me!

*Prices correct at time of publication
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