Published List of Muslim friendly brands isn't entirely friendly

In May 2010 Ogilvy & Mather published a two-year study on "Islamic Branding" , concluding that 'a new generation is redefi...

In May 2010 Ogilvy & Mather published a two-year study on "Islamic Branding", concluding that 'a new generation is redefining what it means to be modern and Muslim, creating new meanings of religious pride, economic progress and global citizenship.'

In partnership with TNS, Ogilvy & Mather’s two-year survey revealed what drives Muslims as consumers, against the vast backdrop of ethnic, economic, political and religious diversity of the Muslim world.

According to a reader's comment to the report on Muslim Village, this list of world's Muslim friendly brands doesn't take into account ethics or actual halal certification of products. Therefore companies such as Nestle, Coca-Cola and Israeli imported produce, which are reported as unethical and supporting Zionism, are far from being "Muslim Friendly".

Ogilvy suggest ‘Islamic Branding’ as a relatively new concept, to appeal to Muslim consumers. And Ogilvy offer themselves as the marketing service to "practice good Islamic Branding practice, that is, branding that is friendly or compliant with Shariah (Islamic law) principles". Islamic Branding will 'purify' advertising and marketing strategies with Muslim values such as honesty, respect, accountability and understanding - core principles of Shariah that resonate deeply with Muslim consumers across the world. But since Muslims are primarily consumers for the 21st century industry, which branding will win their attention?

Take the label at face-value or check the small print - What do you think?

Ogilvy's May 2010 Report: The Global rise of the New Muslim Consumer


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