Eco Muslim Photo Diary: First Shoots Appear!

As-salam`alaikum warahmatullah! How are you? No, really, tell me,  tictac ? * In April I shared the beginnings of how I grow my own veggies...

As-salam`alaikum warahmatullah!

How are you? No, really, tell me, tictac?*
In April I shared the beginnings of how I grow my own veggies from seed in the greenhouse. Today I have the first green shoots that made an appearance towards the end of March. And I must say, alhamdulillah, praise God, they look superb, little sprightly things. 
*Urdu transliteration for "all well?"

I've got my wellies on (it's cold outside), a waterproof hijab (headscarf), and *click heels* off we go.

Cucumber seeds grow pretty fast, one seed to a pot, in paired leaves. Smashing.

We British use the French word courgettes, our American cousins use the Italian zucchini. Whichever word, the plant still takes around a week to shoot, has large velvety leaves and needs repotting early on. Their root system is very intricate, and greedy.

In total I have about 30 courgette plants, a couple didn't make it. -sad face-

I have no idea what these tiny leaves are. I found a mystery "?" marked packet, but my green senses tell me they're most likely a flower. Maybe. 

Talking of tiny, the toms (tomatoes) are growing S-L-O-W. Two weeks in and only a sprinkling of herb-like leaves appear. I tried making du`a (a prayer) over them to speed things up. Allah is the Best of Creators.  

Note the difference between the tomatoes and these carrot plants - a single leaf pointing upwards. Kinda cool. The second leaf stems afterwards from the middle, creating a marriage. These won't need repotting till the end of May/early June.

Antirrhinums, also called snapdragons, are some of the easiest flowers to grow. They're perennial (last several years), grow in bunches and don't need much maintenance. The seeds are tiny black grains, which you sprinkle liberally over a shallow tray and water 1-2x a week till the first shoots appear... (below)

See how spectacularly miniscule and vulnerable they look? Masha'Allah.

More... courgettes. And okra. I'm not a fan.

Me and my family.

Ciao for now, peace and respect,
Zaufishan, the eco muslim.


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  1. Alhamdulillah, getting 'green' fingered is much easier than I thought it would be. I used to kill organic matter just by a look and now, we're entwined! *chuckle* "Teek taak" would be more appropriate (Errrdoo, uff). Jazakallah khayran Azra, love hearing from you. 

  2. I love, love, LOVE your garden!  If only I didn't kill any plant I looked at.  Well, no, that's just the lazy me talking.  If I were to...ahem...take a leaf outta your book and GROW something...

    And did you just say tictac???  Not there is any phonetically accurate way of writing the phrase in English, but tictac is just...cute :)


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