9 Handmade Gift Ideas For Eid 2020 (Part 2)

 -Continued- Don't buy new, make it! #GreenEid 6. Gardening Kit + Seeds If you're a plant lover like me, a few seeds can b...

 -Continued- Don't buy new, make it! #GreenEid

6. Gardening Kit + Seeds

If you're a plant lover like me, a few seeds can bring a lot of long-term happiness.

I strongly believe gardening is a natural skill for everyone so make a gardener's kit for your little ones and working parents. Save seeds from coriander, tomatoes, strawberries, beans, peas, or flower seeds like poppies, marigolds, aquilegias, sunflowers - notoriously easy to grow - and label in a little paper bag.

Add a pair of gardening gloves, a handwritten note of growing instructions, and a couple of plant pots and compost. Tie it all up in a hessian bag and there you go, a very sophisticated life kit!

If you also have a few too many plants at home (like me!) just gift one of your favourite plants that will keep giving, (so a perennial) for example, a beautiful flower or young fruit tree. A quick ribbon tied around the pot and you're done.

7. Chocolate Lollipops

Melt a bar of milk chocolate and white chocolate in two separate bowls. Drop teaspoonfuls onto smooth foil and spread into thin rounds. Quickly sprinkle any dried fruit, nuts and meringue over, and twist a lollipop stick (or a blunt toothpick) into each circle.

They work well without the sticks too as these make fabulous chocolate coins. They set in minutes and can be peeled off the foil.

8. Henna Inspired Artwork

I wrote about henna inspired Eid cards in Aquila magazine many years ago. Henna (mehndi) is always a trend so it's a great start for creativity.

Draw a selection of your own henna patterns, which could include geographical maps, Arabic names, contemporary patterns and even mosque designs.

Retrace these in colour onto thick card to make a wall display, outlined by a black ribbon.

Use real henna to paint these patterns onto small canvases, which also make fantastic wall art. Be careful once it is dried though as henna will flake and needs a layer of PVA glue or varnish to seal it.

Copy a small henna pattern into tracing paper for your recipient along with fabric crayons or just markers; they can make their own art onto bags, for stitchwork and painting.

I've also given henna tubes in the past as Eid gifts with a small booklet of my favourite mehndi patterns. It's quite fun to wear mehndi on Eid day.

9. Healthy Food Hamper

Regency fruit hamper
Find healthier alternatives to biscuits, mithai (Asian fried treats), baklava, and fried foods. Food like fairtrade coffee, olive oil, gluten-free cookies, green teas and fruit bars are easily available (I usually have spare at home).

Another idea you might not have considered is simply fruit! Buy the more uncommon fruit like dragon fruit, papayas, passion fruit with a helping of seasonal fruit, and make a glorious fruit hamper.

Not only are you gifting something nutritious and healthy, but your family will also be intrigued as to what healthier foods are available. Win-win!

10. Ramadan Book Club

Make a poster or online invite for your dearest to join you in a monthly book club. Qur'an is THE book of Ramadan, so why not take that beyond into Shawwal (the next month)?

Choose a topical book about the Qur'an, prophets' stories, lessons, even Tajweed (the science of recitation), or Tassawuf (a type of spirituality) and join your club members once a month or week online (until lockdown restrictions end) to discuss what you've learned.

The most effective Qur'an curriculum is to share what you learned and implemented from one Qur'an section ('Juz) at a time).

11. Eid 2020 Time Capsule (Covid19 edition)

Create a Time Capsule (WikiHow)
Find a clean cookie tin or container with a solid lid and fill with items that reflect the times.

I would add a good news article of Muslims helping their communities; of other groups helping desolate Muslims, of charity and kindness.

Include a family photo, a game you play, an old toy or children's memorabilia, along with a piece of your current decorations.

Ask your family to contribute one significant item or creative art and add to your tin till its full. Then simply seal shut, label "Do Not Open Until 2030" and store away or keep in plain sight if it's visually appealing!

12. Arabic Name Jigsaws

Download a jigsaw template

Write or print the Arabic name onto A4 paper. Glue down onto cardstock (e.g., delivery boxes).

Colour with paints, handprints and doodles. Then cut into segments or a jigsaw design. Wrap with handmade wrapping paper and gift with a sweet tag. No need to buy a brand new custom name gift when you can make one!

13. Fingerprint Family-Tree

DIY Family Tree (ItsAlwaysAutumn blog)
This is one of my favourite things to plans because a family tree keeps growing, Alhamdulillah.

Take time to plan this because with extended families you’ll need an A3 layout (or more!). Begin with the eldest generation, branch down to parents, then aunts, uncles, cousins and your immediate family. Space 5x5cm boxes for the fingerprint and to print their name.

Use Eid day to get everyone's digital fingerprint and it doesn't need to be messy - they can ink their fingerprint, scan the print and you could design it all on a document like Adobe Illustrator.

Insha-Allah in the future this can be converted to real-life fingerprints onto parchment for a true artifact effect. This is a gift that everyone can share and it can extend as far back as your history allows.

14. Personalised 'Our Eid' Storyboards

Blank storyboard inspiration

Lastly - take a trip down Eid lane. Which was your favourite Eid? When was the last time you all celebrated at one person's house, or when more relatives were alive?

It will be a cathartic and heartache experience but remembering those days of togetherness and separation will enable you to show Shukr to Allah for everything He has given us.

Use those memories to create a 4-5 block storyboard of the following pieces of info: - Who was there, how old were they? What happened and why was it remarkable? What you miss about it and whether the tradition carried on?

This can be written in your best writing or converted into a visual story of events following another. Use photos from that day, any trinkets you saved. When we were children we would make accordion-style books of our favourite memories. An Eid storyboard will safe keep what was special to you and in the years to come it will become a treasure for others.

I hope that helps. `Eid ul-Fitr Mubarak everyone, have a safe one!
Zaufishan, The Eco Muslim

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