5 Handmade Gift Ideas For Eid 2020 (Part 1)

Don't buy new, make it!  #GreenEid As we say our farewells to Ramadan 2020, begin your Eid celebrations with beautiful handmade...

Don't buy new, make it!  #GreenEid

As we say our farewells to Ramadan 2020, begin your Eid celebrations with beautiful handmade gifts. Think recycled, artsy, full of duas and free!

I have over 10 gift ideas and it can be overwhelming for one post so I’ll split it over two insha-Allah

Made from things most of us have at home, here are the first 5 gift ideas from yours truly.

*I've made all these gifts for my family and friends, no peaking!

1. Eid Craft Hamper

Gather 3-4 Eid or Ramadan themed things and pack them into a hamper, using a small basket, a gifting suitcase (I got mine from The Works' in England), or gift with wrapping paper.

Ideas for the hamper:

  • FOR CRAFTERS - create an Eid activity pack, with crescent card cut-outs and an Eid card making set for children and families to decorate their homes. Include a DIY reusable lantern kit too with some basic stationery. Add watercolour paints, brushes, crayons, non-toxic glue and coloured paper. Sometimes it's the simplest things that bring the most fun and creativity. 

  • FOR READERS - gift 2-3 Islamic books appropriate to the person's age. Make a handmade bookmark (with fabric or thick card, paint, glitter and their name). I already had activity and reading books from Madrassah about the pillars of Islam, Allah's 99 names and Ramadan. I also got this Ramadan - Celebrate the World board book, and will re-gift brand new books I have on my shelves about environmentalism, Palestine and architecture, to someone who will benefit from them. 

  • FOR PAMPERING - a homemade face mask or pre-bought packet will go down a treat for teens (and mums!). A simple mask consists of an exfoliant (like coffee granules, brown sugar or oatmeal), and binder (honey, yoghurt, egg whites), or a blend of detoxing (turmeric, lemon juice) and a hydrator (olive or coconut oil). 

Add a small piece of jewellery such as a brooch, Hijab pins (I had some saved from a trip to Turkey) or hair slides. You could also include a bath fizzer, handmade soap, and scented candles. There are tons of tutorials on Pinterest and YouTube.

2. Personalised Treat Dua Jars

One of my favourite gifts to make. I almost always save a jam jar or pasta sauce jar that has an unusual shape or patterned lid. This red one was a fig jam jar we devoured every Suhoor. It's been washed, sterilised and I soaked the label off.

I've gifted these as Iftar treats this Ramadan and they were filled with nuts, trail mix, chocolate buttons and jelly baby sweets, dates and dried mango.

Using some stickers I saved and gold ribbon I cut off from a balloon months ago, I added a purple moon, the words 'Duas' and the recipient's name on the jar with a bow on top. That's it for really. I imagine a collection of these would look really cool.

+ Make a Dua Jar (instructions)

3. Family Pebble Art

I've seen this pebble art sell for quite a remarkable price online and this year I've made my own, free!

Luckily I have a garden full of these smooth pebbles perfect for a little project like this. Find pebbles to represent your family portrait size - a family of three means two adult heads and bodies, and one child head and body. I used blu-tac to plan the layout on an empty wooden frame I had at home.

I added my personal message and Qur'an verse in the empty spaces, watercolour painted the background and drew arms and legs using a fine-liner pen. Once it's all assembled, you can glue down the pebbles on the glass front for a great 3D art piece.

4. Generational Handprints 

I love this idea so much and have been making them since my son was born. This is my 3-year olds hand outline, enveloped by mine and my husband's. It's a beautiful and unique way to capture a moment in time of where we are, how we've progressed and our love for each other.

To make one like this draw your family's hands overlapping like I have done, in a long neat row or individually, per frame.

I only had the one frame left, and our hands fit neatly within the dimensions (6x8 inches). Decorate each hand with a culturally themed design, or messages from yourself. I like the effect of watercolour so I've painted our design in full before framing as my gift.

5. Watercolour Family Portrait 

While this took the longest, a custom photo artwork really captures an event without the cost of photo prints. Use good quality cartridge paper, paints and a fine-liner pen to recreate a photo.

Sketch out the main shapes using a pencil and go in with detail once the paint is dry. Pencil and watercolour are forgiving so they can be erased with putty eraser.

Use stippling techniques and dense opaque colours for layering the textures. For reference I didn't draw any face details as it would be hung up and it looked realistic enough without facial features.

Once you're happy with it, sign the corner like a true artist and frame.


`Eid ul-Fitr Mubarak everyone!


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