Reusable Ramadan Night+Day Lanterns

Whether you're living alone or running a madrassa (mosque school), there's always space for colourful Ramadan lanterns that can be...

Whether you're living alone or running a madrassa (mosque school), there's always space for colourful Ramadan lanterns that can be reused from day to night, and throughout the year.

Easy to store and a great project for children, here's how to make bright festival lanterns for your home and mosque.

You will need:
  • Transparencies (clear plastic sheets used on projectors)
  • Coloured tissue paper strips
  • Glue, sellotape, blu-tak, scissors
  • Gold ink marker pens, black sharpie
  • Sequins and gold foil stars (optional)

1. Tear or cut strips of coloured tissue paper long enough to cover the transparency sheet lengthways (30cm, 12" approx). Glue down all loose corners.

2. Flip the sheet over to write on the shiny side. The tissue paper will remain on the inside.

3. Using a gold ink marker pen draw large stars across the bottom of sheet. Fill the spaces in-between with slightly smaller stars and finally draw gold dots all over to create a progression of stars from top to bottom.

The finished starry green-yellow Ramadan lantern

4. Roll the sheet width-ways into a tube and sellotape or blu-tak to secure. That's the first lantern done!

6. Create a twilight lantern using shades of blue and purple tissue paper. Flip the sheet to write the word 'Ramadan' in various fonts with a black sharpie (permanent marker).

The second Ramadan lantern: Prayers at twilight

7. Roll the sheet into a tube and secure with sellotape or blu-tac.

Create smaller matching lanterns

8. Experiment with colours to create matching lanterns for your living room, kitchen and garden. Also, cut up the sheet in half length-ways to make smaller lanterns which really capture the candle light.

Tips: Ask children to write their names on their lantern or a special du`a' (supplication) like 'May we have a blessed Ramadan'. To hang your lanterns pierce the transparency sheet with a hole punch in the middle and both corners; roll up and glue so that the two corner holes overlap then thread yarn to create a handle and hang outside.

Safety Tips: Use indoor tea-lights on a flame-retardant surface for safety reasons. You could purchase LED lights that are powered by a cell battery or leave them as they are.

The finished Ramadan Lanterns at day.

The Ramadan lanterns at night look even better!

Ramadan duas to all
Zaufishan, The Eco Muslim

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    These are so pretty and colourful, thanks for sharing!


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