5 Eco-Friendly Toys for Children

We EcoMuslims are always on the lookout for cool, recycled gifts for children and have found super cool toys from Guided Products , a wond...

We EcoMuslims are always on the lookout for cool, recycled gifts for children and have found super cool toys from Guided Products, a wonderful site selling kids' furniture and educational tools all made with our precious environment in mind.

Give children of all ages the gift of imagination while supporting and caring for Allah’s Earth, Subhan-Allah (glory be to God). Here are 5 fun, affordable and green products for your little monsters:

1. Ever heard of edible paint? Grab and God Finger Paint is a set of 4 fun coloured non-toxic and safe paints made with actual fruit and vegetable ingredients (in case of accidental ingestion). Although these paints aren't intended for eating, it's good to know as parents that our kids won't come to harm from eating their art work, should they be so inclined!
2. This Kitchen and Cafe Set is designed and created with recycled materials that are safe and sturdy and have less impact than consumerism mass waste has on the world. Easily assembled without any plastic or non biodegradable materials, Box Creations acknowledges the importance of lessening the impacts on the Ecosystem and works to teach children the importance of caring for and thinking about the environment, Insha-Allah (God willing).

3. Another eco-friendly toy is the cute children's Train Set - crafted using locally sourced and sustainably harvested hard maple, no less. Both the toy and the company behind is support sustainable production, making this train set an ethical gift too.

4. How cool is this! The Kid Fort Kit is made up of pieces assembled together with velcro 'dots'. When the kids are done with the fort it can be taken apart easily and stored inside it's box. Made from recycled cardboard this fort is durable and keeps costs low. Build castles, cottages or rocket ships. I so want one!

5. For gentler playtime give your darlings a pretend Play Food Set that's made out of recycled milk jugs (yeah, actual milk jugs). Provide children with an important creative outlet while showing them that plastic is not our friend. By replacing plastic waste with recycled gifts you will help decrease landfills in the environment and reduce waste. Who knew you could accomplish so much with a play food set?
“...Do not commit abuse on the earth, spreading corruption." (Quran, 2:60)


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