National Geographic's Greenest 2013 Photo Entries

The most magical of creatures are tucked away in corners of the world. Take a round trip ticket with us for Eco-Friendly explorations on  ...

The most magical of creatures are tucked away in corners of the world. Take a round trip ticket with us for Eco-Friendly explorations on National Geographic's 2013 Photo Contest (ends 30 November 2013) created by the brilliance of Allah almighty.

Allah encourages site-seeing in the Qur'an,
Say, [O Muhammad], "Travel through the land and observe how He began creation. Then Allah will produce the final creation. Indeed Allah , over all things, is competent."(Qur'an, 29:20)
With the help of National Geographic's annual photography contest we invite you to travel from Indonesia to the Himalayan mountains, and back to a village in India. They're so beautiful Subhan-Allah! (glory and exalted is God). The views are breathtaking, so take a moment, say bismillah (with God's name) and soak up the intricate details and flawless artistry from none other than our Creator. Alhamdulillah! (all praise and thanks belongs to God).

Pictured above: A green sea turtle photographed by Vincent Truchet tries to swim to the ocean near the coast of Tikehau island, French Polynesia.

“On a research trip to the Indonesian island of Flores, I came across a young boy holding on tight to his pet, a collared kingfisher.”
Location: Flores, Indonesia
Photo and caption by Hanneke Meijer

“A black ant, working in the kind of grass growing from the moss. It is looks like a human garden worker, running from one side to another, climbing the grass and pulling something.”
Location: Hadera , Israel
Photo and caption by Daniel Danilov

“This was a beautiful and funny scene, at the same time, definitely unique and singular moment. I was amazed when I saw the shadow of the mantis on the leaf, and then my astonishment at seeing it coming out of its window...”
Location: Paliano Reserve, Rome, Italy
Photo and caption by Alberto Di Donato

“The clear water makes this a fantastic spot to observe underwater wildlife. I noticed a school of curimbatás (Prochilodus lineatus) moving upstream showing the sub aquatic environment and the surrounding forest.”
Location: Rio da Prata (Prata River), Jardim, Brazil
Photo and caption by Ary Bassous

“All over Peru you have to pay to take a photo of the locals, I generally avoided that, unless it was a photo I didn't think I could get otherwise.”
Location: Sillustani, Peru
Photo and caption by Carolyn Schapper

“Bui Thi Xong is 71 years old and still working on her boat in Hoi An. 1 dollar for 30 min on her boat.”
Location: Vietnam
Photo and caption by Réhahn Croquevielle

“I was walking along the beach, looking at the rockpools, when I noticed this particular anemone - it was so colourful and had a wonderful array of broken shell fragments covering it.”
Location: Pacific coast of Baja, Mexico
Photo and caption by Victoria Stevens

“We arrived after a full day of hiking. We stayed in a teahouse with a view because I wanted to be ready to take pictures of the mountains as the sun set behind us. This rainbow formed and I took many photos of this beautiful moment.”
Location: Manang, Nepal
Photo and caption by Ed Graham

“While we enjoyed our coffee one morning, this cunning mother and juvenile vervet pair strategically positioned themselves for a picture. Little did we know that they were intentionally distracting us so that their partner-in-crime could swoop in and steal our sugar bowl.”
Location: Tanzania
Photo and caption by Meghan Graper


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  1. Rianne C ten Veen1 Dec 2013, 18:24:00

    Great stuff - ameen to brother abdurrahman!

  2. Ô Muslim work the land,

    cause even't if the end,

    And you got in you Hand,

    a plant, plant-it as a renewal

  3. Salaam brother Abdurrahman McCausland, are there any other converted brothers that are older that are into permaculture, sustainable life style etc? I thank you all that you do for the earth and reaching out to others through your writing. Salaam from your sister Zeena


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