Help Us Make Our Eco-Mosque Logo - Competition!

As-salamualaykum, peace be with you, eco-darlings, I need your help. Like, yesterday. We've been greening up our local mosque in Hud...

As-salamualaykum, peace be with you, eco-darlings,

I need your help. Like, yesterday.

We've been greening up our local mosque in Huddersfield, England (Google our town), with recycling, saving water, eco-Islam lessons et cetera. But to share our work and publish a Green Mosque guide we're in need of a bright and sophisticated logo.
This was my initial thought. It hasn't developed much beyond this.

So I'm calling all graphic designers and green artists to help us design the logo for The Huddersfield Eco-Mosque.

Competition Rules: we'd really appreciate if you could follow our guidelines.
  • Logo must include the words 'The Hudderfield Eco-Mosque' (THEM)
  • Our tagline 'Greening Our Community' is optional but consider including this in a similar style to the rest of your logo
  • Include a town/city scape/building to represent the green mosque OR a green symbol OR both
  • Design should be modern but fun and simple
  • Design should include lots of green and bright colours - orange, purple, maroon, it's up to you (3 max)
  • You can overlap the words, but they should stand out and be legible. We prefer 'Huddersfield' to be in black but we leave the rest up to you
  • Please consider that your logo will be used on print and online, therefore it should be visually impacting in different formats
  • Your creativity is a must!
*Edit: You don't have to be a graphic designer and the deadline is 20 September 2013.

Please email your design idea to: with the subject line Eco-Mosque Logo Competition and include your full name and where you're from.

If you know someone talented to help please share this post with them. The winner will receive a goody-bag of 6+ green products (details will follow on The Eco Muslim Facebook page)

Thank you kindly in advance!

Peace + eco-jihad.
Zaufishan, The Eco Muslim


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  1. I'm not a graphic designer. Am I eligible for this logo competition & when is the due date of this competition?

  2. The deadline! Good reminder, thank you. Let's say 08 August 2013? So after the entire month of Ramadan.
    Of course you don't have to be a graphic designer, just a creative person. We are considering logos from all ages and all backgrounds. (:

    Thank you Assra! Allah bless you.

  3. :).

    I have sent my entries.

  4. the wording must be masjid or mosque ?

  5. They are both interchangeable and valid. 'Mosque' comes from French, meaning a place to pray, Masjid the Arabic word with the same meaning.

    Read the following for a better understanding insha-Allah:


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