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It is encouraging to know that there are hotels that are concerned with our environment . The natural environment that God gave us is esse...

It is encouraging to know that there are hotels that are concerned with our environment. The natural environment that God gave us is essential and we need to take good care of it.

Hotels should consider using materials that cause less harm to the environment to keep it safe. You can imagine a world without trees! I guess all of us would suffocate inside bricked buildings without the blessings of enough renewable oxygen and rain.

Tips that hotels can apply to save our environment

1. Use metal keys
You find that in many hotels they use plastic keys for the room, cars and almost all rooms in the hotel. Bearing in mind that they were made from animal products worries me because it means several animals had to die to get keys! I wonder why they cannot think of using metal keys to save our eco system more?

2. Opening windows
Many hotels do not let visitors open windows for policy reasons. This might be risky because we all need some fresh air at some point. Stuffy air can cause several illnesses like colds and allergies. I think restricting windows adversely affects the psychological well being as well as the health of a hotel.

Summer months do not need heating and switching on the air conditioning is just not cost-efficient. Thus, opening up doors and windows will clear out the hotel suffocation.

3. Edible landscaping
Have you ever heard of edible landscapes? It sounds posh but it's nothing more complicated than installing fruit bushes, fruiting trees and flowers inside your accommodation.

This would make their customers and workers feel comfortable as they you walk around and still have something they can put in their mouths. Chewing reduces stress and this would be very appropriate in a cool environment. Imagine picking a fruit as you walk around a building or lie outside near a pool. Landscapes also bring the outdoors inside and this would greatly improve the ambience of a hotel.

4. Install living plants
A live plant or a flower enhances the beauty of a place. Besides that they also act natural air fresheners in a room. Your mind feels relaxed just looking at a live flower or a plant. This would help reduce stress of both the employees and their visitors.

5. Renewable power
Renewable power like solar panels, bio-gas and the like help us to conserve energy. Hotels use a lot of  electricity to cook and energy to provide hot water. If they installed and solar panels they would help us conserve energy considerably.

6. Water recycling systems
Hotels use a lot of water and as we all know water is life and we cannot do without it. Hotels would help us conserve water if they installed recycling systems to reuse 'grey water'. With the rising trend of global warming, we cannot afford to use fresh water recklessly. Hotels should implement these strategies and save our environment.

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Guest post by Evilena Lucy
Image + Green hotel in Jamaica

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