Becoming A Fair Trade Mosque

To become a Fairtrade Mosque, you must follow 3 guidelines set by the Fairtrade organisation: 1. Use Fairtrade tea and coffee after serv...

To become a Fairtrade Mosque, you must follow 3 guidelines set by the Fairtrade organisation:

1. Use Fairtrade tea and coffee after services and for all meetings for which you have responsibility. For example,Khutbahs (sermons) and committee meetings.

2. Move forward on using other Fairtrade products (such as sugar, biscuits and fruit).
Idea: hold a weekly tuck-shop at your mosque and replace the beverage supplies in the mosque staffroom with only Fairtrade.

3. Promote Fairtrade during Fairtrade Fortnight and during the year through events, worship and other activities whenever possible.
This includes: making posters with students, displaying Qur'anic verses in which Allah tells people to be fair, just and kind, and telling congregant to consider more ethical foods and products.

Sign up to be a Fairtrade Mosque – there are just three simple goals to meet around using and promoting Fairtrade in your masjid. Once your mosque has met these, it'll be reviewed for gaining Fairtrade status.

What Does Islam Say About Fairtrade?

Find out from a bunch of fairtrade imams and activists. Download the pdf: Islam and Fairtrade (opens in new window).

How To Make Your Mosque Fairtrade
  • Invite a group of enthusiastic young people to form a Fairtrade committee who can lead or organise a Fairtrade campaign in the mosque.
  • Tell everyone who attends the mosque, in an announcement or through posters, why the mosque has taken the decision to swap to Fairtrade, and what impact it will for producers abroad.
  • Think about your existing plans, like `Eid parties, madrassa classes that you run, weekly study circles, or interfaith open days. Can Fairtrade fit into any of these? Consider a khutba around the theme of trade in Islam during a Friday in Fairtrade Fortnight.
  • Take action during Fairtrade Fortnight which is normally at the end of February/beginning of March each year. This is when all Fairtrade supporters come together to really make some noise about Fairtrade.
  • Set up a regular stall in your Islamic centre selling Fairtrade goodies – from Palestinian olive oil, to Tunisian dates, to Ghanaian chocolate. Any profit you make could go to charity or to help maintain the mosque. Every time you choose Fairtrade, you give disadvantaged farmers and workers in developing countries the chance to rise out of poverty. They get a fair price, plus a little extra to invest in a stronger future for their communities. From biscuits and bananas to raisins and rice, it’s never been easier to make your choices fair and just every day.

If you have applied for your mosque and gained a Fairtrade history, be proud about your Fairtrade status, display your certificate where everyone can see it, and let local journalists know about your achievements.

Visit + for information and inspiration about Fairtrade – you can find short films, reports, quizzes and more.

+ Make Your Mosque Fairtrade


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