Eco-Tourism Is The Planet-Friendly Way To Vacation

The institutions that take responsibility for the world we live in deserve to thrive in business. They step up and dare to end wasteful pr...

The institutions that take responsibility for the world we live in deserve to thrive in business. They step up and dare to end wasteful practices. They help eco-tourists to respect planet Earth and the people who live here.

Some businesses host initiative programs that get people directly involved; others adopt earth-friendly processes and practices. Building cultural and environmental awareness is also extremely important and the current trend must continue.

Known as “The Most Eco-Friendly Hotel in America,” the Palazzo understands eco-friendly practices. The facility boasts a number of green systems and practices. The Palazzo contains water recycling systems, low flow toilets and showerheads and it even as the ability to reuse it own waste! The Palazzo provides a great “green blueprint” for others to follow and with the amount of tourists the city sees, it is encouraging to see new green Las Vegas hotels continue to be built.

The Marriott is also a great example of a facility changing its practices by changing something everyone receives from a hotel. A 100-room hotel produces around 50 pounds of plastic waste just from lost and defective key cards. The Marriott now uses biodegradable keycards and recently they purchased 24 million of the green cards. Landfills are 66 tons lighter per year on plastic thanks to the heroic effort.

In addition to the green facilities, a number of green initiatives exist throughout the world. One example is Green America. This initiative is intent on focusing the collective economic power of people who care about the planet. The organization promotes an end to corporate irresponsibility and a world without hunger for all people. Everyday Green America strives to create social justice and a society that is environmentally sustainable.

Another great example of an initiative that is making changes is the Wild Asia Tourism Awards. This Asian-based show seeks to publically appreciate responsible tourism. The show awards organizations for community engagement, cultural preservation, wildlife conservation, and protection of natural areas. They also recognize the efficient use of resources.

The green movement is putting down roots. Support eco-tourism by considering these or similar organizations as you plan your next vacation. Planet earth will be safe when eco-tourism becomes the only way to do business.

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