DIY: Transform Plastic Muffin Trays Into Propagators

Feeling in a 4R's mood (recycling-reusing-reducing-rejecting) I had an 'aha!' moment with a makruh (unliked)   plastic muffin...

Feeling in a 4R's mood (recycling-reusing-reducing-rejecting) I had an 'aha!' moment with a makruh (unliked) plastic muffin container. It made a great propagator for new seeds and within a week I had beautiful baby plants growing. Try it out with any lidded containers.

In my greenhouse I've taken up a 'reusing' attitude from my mother. We had a garden party years ago, or maybe it was an iftar meal, anyway, loads of plastic drinking cups were left over. I know what you're thinking, plastic? In the hands of The Eco Muslim? Cheeeel out. The meal was organised by someone else, you know we only roll with ethical iftars in our household.

So I was saying. I've got about 100 white plastic drinking cups from over 3 years ago and they've only just started to crackle because of the cold weather. They made excellent pots for new seeds. This year I ran out of pots and wondered what else I could fill with soil. I had one more packet of seeds too.

In the recycling bag was this muffin box (again, eco-Sister bought it in impulse, she will be punished with butter-less bread).

 I filled it with moist compost and sprinkled the seeds, lightly watered, closed the lid and made a du`a' (supplication) that something would grow.
Sure enough, something did grow, alhamdulillah. Within 7 days my first seedlings arose from the muffin tray. That's because the transparent lid acted as a propagator, producing a greater the yield of 'crops' faster because of the hot 'climate'; like a greenhouse. Increasing the greenhouse temperature quickens the growth rate so it's important to cover freshly planted seeds.

You should try it out too.

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