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NEWSFLASH: The Eco Muslim is speaking at the World Muslim Leaders Forum Conference in Mayfair, London. See you there!  I'll be givin...

NEWSFLASH: The Eco Muslim is speaking at the World Muslim Leaders Forum Conference in Mayfair, London. See you there! 

I'll be giving a short speech on being an Eco-Muslim at the World Muslim Leaders Forum (WMLF) this week. The conference is an annual 3-day gathering of some of the world's leading and corporate figures who make green-policies and promote activism.

I'm attending as the self-powered entertainment (!)

Event details
+ 25-27 Sep 2012
+ Dartmouth House, Charles Street, London W1J 5ED (See map)

In past forums we've heard some great issues being raised like the untapped billion dollar Halal industry and how British Muslims are contributing to the eco-scene.

This year’s theme will be “World Muslim Leaders: The Next Generation” and will focus on Muslim youth leadership with particular reference to democracy and governance, sustainable development and the “middle path” within an Islamic context.

God says in the Qur'an,
"Thus We have appointed you a middle nation, that ye may be witnesses against mankind..." (2:143) Pickthall's translation.
And this is one of the areas I was asked to talk about. The wonderful Dr. Husna Ahmad invited me to give a talk on using technology and the role of young Muslim adults as the next set of thinkers and "doers".

Questions I Will Ask
  • How can we control the impact of technology on us?
  • What are we consuming?
  • Muslims ARE leaders - why won't they let us lead?
  • What does it take for YOU to be an Eco-Muslim?
Famous People Attending

The WMLF conference sessions will explore an array of topics including, “Leading a Minority Muslim Community – a Sri Lankan experience,” “Governance and Transparency in the Muslim world: the role of Youth” and “Islamic Finance: A panacea to the economic crisis.”

It will spotlight British and international speakers for example, Mr. Rauf Hakeem, Minister for Law and Judicial Affairs, Government of Sri Lanka; Chairman Tan Sri Razali Ismail of the Global Movement of Moderates Foundation in Malaysia; Mr Anwar Choudhury, Director, Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Lauren Booth an English broadcaster and journalist.

Don't know who Dr. Husna is? Dr. Husna brought us the world's first green Hajj guide along with the EcoMuslim consultant Omar Faruq. Watch the doc give a great lecture on human versus sustainable development at last year's World Muslim Leadership Forum.

I'm excited to be networking with the other change-makers at the 2012 WMLF. The event will bring together government figures from leading Muslim states "to inspire, interact and engage with youth leaders", according to their site. I really hope so insha-Allah.

I hope there are other young-ish "doers" too as I have learnt from experience that it's easy for our elders to give advice but my peers don't always see real direction. Or we're criticised before we've even begun. Yes, we know Islam is all about consuming less and doing more but what should we do or turn to?
By engaging with both current and future leaders to discuss and debate issues that affect the younger Muslim generations globally, we hope to find some best practices and solutions, and opportunities for sharing experiences and networking. - WMLF
That's more like it! There ARE organisations to join such as MADE in Europe and there ARE lessons that we can implement practically like growing your own fruit and veg.

We are choosing to live this way, nobody is making us. And the sooner we realise that the sooner we can improve the lifestyles of our communities. As Bob Marley sang, 'Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.'

So here's a little taster of what I'll be talking about. Make du`a for me people, I have a tendency to get passionate.

The Eco Muslim Talks About
The Biodegradable Human

• What does it mean to be an Eco-Muslim?
• Is it difficult to be a khalif?
• God loves people who protect their environment
• Recycling/water management
• Waste (at home and at Hajj)
• An organic death - Are we going to be nutritious to the earth or full of junk?
• What will you take back to God?

Insha-Allah once I've given my talk I'll be back with the meatier speech, heavily edited no doubt. I'm speaking on Wednesday 26 September 2012, straight after Lauren Booth. Whoop.

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