Knit Your Own Sustainable Muslim 'Sunnah' Beard

For Muslims who cannot grow celebrated beards, this is for you! A tongue-in-cheek DIY post for making your own knitted, crocheted and sust...

sunnah beard grow ethically
For Muslims who cannot grow celebrated beards, this is for you! A tongue-in-cheek DIY post for making your own knitted, crocheted and sustainable beard. A Sunnah and environmental protection in one? BEARDS FTW!

Are you religious? Do you wish you had a beard? Do you want to make your own? Whether man or woman, creating your very own face-scarf in the shape of a beard will make the boldest fashion statement about your eco-beliefs that you really can wear on your sleeve… or face.

Beards Are Good For Faith

In Islam men are encouraged to grow out their beards when becoming adults. But it must be kept tame, regularly trimmed and environmentally friendly. This means it shouldn’t cost the earth to maintain or make a nuisance in your more intimate moments.

A Muslim “Sunnah” Beard

The rewards behind the chin fuzz lie in the fact that sporting a beard is a “Sunnah” – a prophetic tradition following the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad, the last prophet in Islam, God's peace and blessings be upon him. A beard is therefore a Muslim symbol of manhood, purity, of maturity, and let’s face it, any man that can carry off a facial forestation looks mighty sexy. But if waiting to sprout is not your thing, check out how you can get your own awesome beard in a jiffy!

1. Knit one – ask your grandmother’s knitting group to gift you a unique beard with your own initials. Or if you’re a hardcore DIY junkie follow download them!

2. Buy one – in 2010 the “knit-o-beard” became a massive European hit for men and women alike. Although they’re made from 100% acrylic yarn for easy care, Green Prophet suggests investing in an all organic-fibre beard that’s free of chemicals and dyes.

Etsy sellers stock a Bearded Beanie in a variety of colours, sizes and comfort factors; just the solution to our naked faces.

3. Crochet one – borrow a pair of needles, watch a YouTube video or invest in a “how to” book to learn the essentials of handcrafting a new disguise. And when you’re done with your beard, pay it forward by trending it to friends or hang it outside full of stale bread as a make-shift bird feeder. For the more creative weird beard lovers, be inspired by the following thematic looks:

The Benefits Of A Knitted Beard

It makes great insulation for your head and neck, especially if you live in a colder climate or plan on visiting a Middle Eastern country after global warming covers the region with snow.

They double up as a neck warmer and hat.

It can be interchanged every season depending on your mood.

It makes an affordable party costume.

They make fantastic profile pictures and excellent one-of-a-kind gifts.

It can enhance the double life you’re leading as an eco-warrior and corporate slave.

Wearing a synthetic beard made from yarn shows how dedicated you are to looking Muslim.

Children everywhere will marvel at your superhero like image. You heard it here first. If the beard doesn’t fit, go forth and knit!

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  1. Hilarious...and if you order within the next 30 minutes, we will send you a second one absolutely free...(you just pay additional shipping and handling). So you get two for the price of one...(Shows picture of husband and wife both sporting the knitted beards). LOL

  2. Making fun of the Sunnah? It amounts to blatant kufr.

    look at this verse:

    "And if you question them, they declare
    emphatically: "We were only talking idly and joking." Say: "Was it at
    Allah, His Aayat and His Messenger you were mocking?" Make no excuses!
    You have rejected faith after you had accepted it, if We pardon some of
    you, We will punish others amongst you because they were sinners"
    (Qur'an 9:65-66)


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