Moscow's 2012 International Halal Expo To Make Islamic Business History

Moscow's 2012 International Halal Expo (June 07-10) is the largest event of halal-industry in Russia, sharing just how there's no...

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Moscow's 2012 International Halal Expo (June 07-10) is the largest event of halal-industry in Russia, sharing just how there's no business like halal business.

The unique exhibition is inviting companies and organisations that relate to the scope of Halal (Islamically permitted) products and all that is good from the view of Islamic business. Running for over 3 years, the exhibition will not disappoint newcomers; revealing completely new ideas while going back to answering the simpler questions: What is Islamic business? Is the "halal" concept really necessary for the western world? How can we create a fair economy?

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Having stormed with international success in previous years, the Moscow exhibition will open up vast opportunities for strengthening ties in the halal market and presenting new halal products and services across Europe.

For budding business sparks the event will be a chance to boost know-how and shake hands with the Muslim industry's equivalent of Alan Sugars.

Headlining the exhibition will be exclusive conferences, halal tasting sessions, new product launches and competitions. And for the first time, the Moscow International Halal Exhibition 2012 will last for 4 days, running over a Russian-warm weekend, June 07-10.

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The Exhibition is aimed to:
  • Draw attention to the production and distribution of Halal products and services; 
  • Expand current markets for Halal products; 
  • Contribute to the international development of Islamic business and finance; 
  • Foster the development of ethical principles in business and production; 
  • Exchange experiences in the field of Islamic finance from across continent; 
  • Strengthen business relations between Russia and Muslim countries
  • Exchanges experience in Halal certification and mutual recognition of Halal certificates; 
  • Contribute to the formation of Islamic cultural platform. 
More than 150 companies representing the Halal industry from different Russian regions will be attending, as well as countries with a larger Muslim population and trade: Malaysia, Iran, Turkey, United Kingdom, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and many others.

Taking a break from the more serious side to business, the organisers will invite attendees to participate in a celebratory festival and join a master-class on preparing the national cuisines of Muslim nations from Russia and foreign countries. For those of you wanting more interaction, an Islamic fashion show, master-classes on drawing Shamails, painting henna, and a "Best Halal Product" tasting competition will be perfect.

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