The Ramadan Gingerbread Cookie Project

An annual tradition worldwide - The Ramadan Cookie © project.       As-salam`alaykum eco-people! So, alhamdulillah , life here in Britain...

An annual tradition worldwide - The Ramadan Cookie © project. 

     As-salam`alaykum eco-people!

So, alhamdulillah, life here in Britain has had its sun and cloud - I don't care what they say, fasting in the heat, keeping punctual with prayers and resisting licking the glass counter of every bakery store, is HARD - but patience kicks temptation's butt.

I am a traditionalist and love to keep my own traditions, one of which is a gingerbread man fundraiser I create every year, now called The Ramadan Cookie © Project.

The recipe to the gingerbread is easy to follow and I've written it up on my original 'muslimness' site + - Making Gingerbread Men. But of course, the secret ingredient of eco Islam and sparkles is something only my eco-hands can knead in.

The Ramadan Cookie © Project is part fundraiser, part gift and a great way to send a little Muslim an edible `Eid present or to eat yourself.

The cookies come in packs of 2 - one gingerbread hijabi and one gingerbread man, they are about 4 inches in length; they cost you absolutely nothing and are 100% halal.

However, because you're not buying them from The Eco Muslim in the traditional sense, I am promoting my networking pages and fundraising with them for the current crises in East Africa, Pakistan, Japan and Haiti, with the blessing of God.

I have already made several dozen and am posting a batch this week insha'Allah, mostly friends, family.

If you'd like to order a pack this is what I need you to do:
1. Shameless promotion:
"Like" the nifty fan page on and follow to PAY WITH A TWEET.

2. Fundraising
- Donate £1/ £5/ £10 each day to Islamic Relief's Ramadan appeal until the end of Ramadan. Then keep going.
- Feed the fasting by texting "FEED44 £1" to 70070, a UK campaign by
- Support the new non-profit organisation in New York that reads bedtime stories to children in hospital:

3. Get in touch
Then, send me a message with the phrase "I support The Eco Muslim!" on either the page or and I'll post out a freshly baked Ramadan Cookie © to you.

Deadline: the cut-off date for sending Ramadan cookies is 25th August 2011 to get to you in time for `Eid-ul-fitr.

PLEASE DO share your donations or "tweets" with others to raise awareness of these Ramadan campaigns.

That's it. A few clicks and you save someone's life and get a couple of homebaked gingerbread goodness. And I make du`a God rewards you with much more for your kindness.

I look forward to hearing from you,
Zaufishan, the eco muslim and gingerbread queen


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  1. masha'Allah, what a great idea. May Allah (swt) accept your good deeds, mulitply them and return them to you.

  2. Jazakallah khairan Islamic Relief team, I make du`a Allah blesses you for your work and purifies your hearts too - just doing my part. (:
    *Ramadan cookies are still being ordered, hamdulillah.

  3. You too sister. Expect something from me soon!

  4. great idea! May Allah reward u in this life and in the hereafter :D 

  5. MashAllah great job, very innovative idea !! May Allah SWT  reword you for your efforts.

  6. Shukran, thank you Munaf. Please do share with your friends and get yours before the 25th. (:

  7. Well done. May allah reward you immensley.


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