Tending To My Vegetables (Not A Euphemism)

In the greenhouse: Seedlings after 2 months As-salam`alaykum eco-dudes, Let me begin by making a  du`a  that your life is teaching you ...

In the greenhouse: Seedlings after 2 months

As-salam`alaykum eco-dudes,

Let me begin by making a du`a that your life is teaching you the greatest things you need. And may Allah help you learn them.

Right. I haven't shared the developments of my eco-garden for almost a month, and alhamdulillah, what a truckload of developments we've had. New things have sprouted, colours appeared and shapes have bulged. And that was just me.

planted a variety of vegetable seeds in February-April in my greenhouse and garden. If you don't have a garden, get a large container for herbs or join an allotment group (they're really fun). From June to now, July, many vegetables have grown and been eaten, but I want to share with you what happened during the in-between time:

CORN! 8 inches tall (easier to care for than I thought)

I don't know why this image of tomato plants has 'yellowed' on screen. 
They are a lush green shade. Tut.

Runner beans grown in biodegradable cardboard pots.

Peas have great character. Fiddly, curly leaves, with a tendency to grow 'wobbly' and shoots that latch onto the nearest objects. They're very clingy.

A quick dash to the compost heap! 

Unusual growth from a cucumber plant that decided to grow out of a tear. Note how it's growing vertical. All things point upwards.

I love how these things already know what to do. 
Refer to Qur'an, 96:3-5

From a seed to a plant. This is a metaphor for charity. Subhan'Allah.

So that was what's inside my greenhouse (also not a euphemism).
In mid-June I took the plants outside to their new home.

Peace and wholesome jihad.
Zaufishan, the eco muslim


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  1. Awesomeness! Plants look kh'amazing ma'sha'allah. Indeed, so great how they already know what to do - just another ayah for one thing! The tomato plants don't look yellowed on screen, so no "tut' from me, lol. 

    The cucumber plant - leaves in general want to seek light, so upwards they must go, right? 

    Anyways, love these plant posts, thanks for the update Sis!


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