Skewerz: Australian Fast-Food That's Halal

I was browsing online for fast-food chains (as you do) that were in the locality (England), and halal . I found Skewerz , which is at least...

I was browsing online for fast-food chains (as you do) that were in the locality (England), and halal. I found Skewerz, which is at least 6000 miles away but I'd still order from their enticing menu in a heartbeat. And here's why.

Consisting of experienced chefs with a history in business, Skewerz is located in Ultimo, Sydney New South Wales, and has built a repertoire of what I call "fusion foods" - a blend of cultures being expressed in food. It's Moroccan, Asian, Indian and yet has a bright Australian identity. Plus the food is affordable and actually looks good.

Which brings me to my favourite part. Skewerz specialises in kebabs, wraps, and something called a "bhajia" which is very much like a Pakistani fried "pakora". Yes, I'm smiling wide too. You may download a free Skewerz menu to check out their fast-food options.

What is a Sheesh Kebab?
Skewerz intends to change the ubiquitous Doner / Shawarma generic name to separate the pretenders from the real deal.

Originating from Persian roots, the kebab "evolved as it spread across continents" - meeting an array of spices in India and Pakistan.
“Sheesh” is distinct from “seekh” and in Iranian, Turkish and Lebanese cuisine, “sheesh” refers to skewered cubes of meat, usually interspersed with bell peppers and onions. In the sub-continent, we wish to stand out. So we don’t refer to cubed meats skewered and cooked on a barbecue as “sheesh”. We refer to them as “Tikka” or “Boti”.
Now that that historical explanation is out of the way, get online and check it out for yourself. And order me something too! (Shipping takes 3-5 days, it'll be fine).


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  1. You were 100% bang-on. Absolutely delicious food. It will be worth your while to fly across and have a Kebab or two. I have eaten Kebabs at so many desi resturants in Sydney but none can match the Kebabs at Skewerz. Thanks for the tip. 

  2. Absolutely mouth-watering post - yeah, no way I'm shipping any to you - when it comes to such things - self-love is the policy - i.e. all for myself! :-)

  3. Skewerz Barbecue12 Nov 2013, 20:44:00

    Wish we could ship to you. I can't believe you found us in the UK and took the time to write about us. Thanks for your very kind words. If you ever get to Sydney - we will give you and your friends free meals!! (the owners of Skewerz Barbecue)

  4. @Skewerz team - Thank you for getting in touch. You are very welcome, and I shall take you up on that offer! (:

  5. Wow! what a testimonial. I am going there right now..... 

  6. Oh cool. Let us know how you found it!

  7.  This stuff is seriously delicious! We just came back from eating there and I'm absolutely stuffed to the brim. The sheesh kebab is my favourite!Oh, Happy Birthday Zain!

  8.  just tested the newwest addition to the menu .... "Panner Tikka". Had never eaten paneer in such delicious way !

  9. "Paneer" is a type of cheese, right? Man, my Punjabi relatives are going to flip in their oiled saris. People! Where's my share?!


  11. Skewerz Barbecue12 Nov 2013, 20:44:00

    @Irfank - for that comment you deserve a free meal! Please get in touch with us at and give us your details so we can set it up and meet you personally to thank you.

  12. I don't want to get used to free meals. I rather pay in full 'cause it is just worth it. I saw you guys there the other day but didn't want to distrub you as there was a few people waiting to be served. One thing though, your menu board is a bit confusing. Can you add the platters on the screen? 


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