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I've become an ardent fan of Green Hijabi , the outdoorsy halal lifestyle blog created by eco Muslimah Aqiylah . I strongly feel you sh...

I've become an ardent fan of Green Hijabi, the outdoorsy halal lifestyle blog created by eco Muslimah Aqiylah. I strongly feel you should become a fan too. Here's why.

Green Hijabi shares quick tips on introducing green veggies into your palette. She's written a seriously satisfying and sweet pumpkin smoothie recipe for the autumn season (fall for my American readers). And my personal favourite - a photo essay on her environmentally alert Eid.

Green Hijabi has a literal life-guide we could all take a leaf from; she believes in:
  • "investing more on the inside than the outside
  • that the 5 pillars are the means to aligning our physical and spiritual selves
  • God answers all sincere prayers; to receive them, we must be open
  • His creation - everything and everyone - is ultimately interconnected
  • nature is the physical manifestation of God's omniscience
  • in bio-individuality: each one's path to optimal health is unique
  • the body is designed to thrive on foods found in nature; all else is questionable
  • food is not a religion, but is a relevant part of it"
What also makes Green Hijabi yum is the oozing wholesome personality. It's just fun to read and learn from her, and I'm thinking of contributing to her commonly used phrases:
No, I really don't miss meat or cheese. | Your body has rights over you. | It (headscarf) used to be a skirt/ dress. | La shukran 'ala waajib. | I keep it halal.

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  1. I am a muslim. However, I believe that meat is provided to be halal consumed by human, as in the time of the Prophet (SAW) meat contain source of vitamin and mineral which couldn't be derived from other sources.

    But now with the advance of medicine research and technology, it is possible for human to receive those vitamins from other sources than meat.

    I have been a vegan for years, following my uncle who also muslim vegan (he didn't dare to perform slaughtering qurban animal on his pilgrimage, and from that day his compassion toward animals turned him into fully vegan). I substitute the needs of protein and vit. B12 with soya products, nuts, B12 supplements and some of natural food supplements.

    So far, I feel healthy, sleep better, less emotional, and think more clearly.


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