Top 10 Halal-Friendly Holiday Destinations For 2011

From Crescent Rating | 28th Dec 2010 | By Fahal Bazardeen "Here is Crescent Rating's list of 10 Halal Friendly destinations to...

From Crescent Rating | 28th Dec 2010 | By Fahal Bazardeen

"Here is Crescent Rating's list of 10 Halal Friendly destinations to explore in 2011. From great beaches, shopping, theme parks. to Islamic heritage, these 10 destinations offer everything you need to plan your next holiday. From the Crescentrating team we wish you all have great Halal Friendly holidays in the coming year.

1. Malaysia

Malaysia during the last 10 years has emerged as one of the top destinations for Muslim travellers worldwide. With readily available Halal food and prayer facilities in shopping malls, attractions, theme parks etc., the Halal conscious travellers will feel at home across Malaysia. [...]

2. Turkey

Turkey has always been one of the popular destinations for the Muslim travellers due to its rich Islamic history. It had more than 25 Million visitors in 2009 and was ranked 7th worldwide in the World Tourism Organizations (WTO) list of top travel destinations [...]

3. Egypt

Egypt truly is a place to rediscover Islamic heritage. A visit to the historical places of Cairo alone should help understand the glorious days of Egypt. With thousands of years of history it is a memorable experience. [...]

4. Morocco

The dazzling palaces, enticing oases and the warm hospitality of the Moroccan people makes travellers feel at home. It also offers an opportunity to learn more about Islamic history. [...]

5. Indonesia

Indonesia is made up of more than 17 thousand islands covering more than 1.9 million square kilometres with a population of 230 million. It is the largest Muslim country in the world and the 4th largest overall with Jakarta as its' capital city. [...]

6. Thailand

Thailand has been affected by civil strife in recent times. However, it still remains one of the most popular travel destinations. It had more than 14 Million visitors in 2009 and was ranked 17th worldwide in the World Tourism Organizations (WTO) list of top travel destinations. [...]

7. Sri Lanka

Now with the conflict over, travellers can once again enjoy the great variety of options Sri Lanka offers. A beautiful island at the tip of the Indian Sub continent; you can experience breathtaking sights of beaches, hills, lakes, wildlife etc., all in an island of approximately 66,000 km². Sri Lanka has a coast line of 1,341 km. It is also the land where Prophet Adam (as) is assumed to have first landed on Earth. [...]

8. Singapore

For the Muslim traveller, Singapore is a treasure-trove of food, shopping and entertainment for the whole family. With about 15% of the population being Muslim, Muslim travellers feel welcome in the island city. [...]

9. South Africa

Not many places can take on South Africa when it comes to Nature and Wildlife Tourism. With close to 10 Million visitors in 2009, it was ranked 33rd worldwide in the World Tourism Organizations (WTO) list of top travel destinations. [...]

10. Australia

The Gold Coast in Australia has been actively supporting the needs of all travellers. In order to make the Muslim visitors feel comfortable, it has implemented many Halal friendly facilities and services in the area. The Gold Coast has also been very active in certifying Halal restaurants. [...]"

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  1. eternitysojourner9 Aug 2012, 03:40:00

    Our traveling family can attest to Malaysia and Indonesia as halal-friendly destinations. We hope to give Turkey a try too! For those seeking a Caribbean destination, TnT (Trinidad and Tobago) is a great option. Do give Oman a visit too! :)

  2. Karin Kloosterman4 Feb 2013, 18:16:00

    With all the pork being consumed in Thailand, it might be difficult for an observer to find the right food...

  3. Would love to visit some of these places insha Allah. Have been to Turkey and Morocco.

  4. Although it is good to hear that the Gold Coast is making itself more hospitable for Muslim tourists (and possibly residents), one still has to be aware of the racists that still sadly exist in Australia. Especially in Queensland.

  5. I have learnt (recently) that racism is everywhere - where there are people, there is a streak of prejudice. With more visible Muslims thought I'm hopeful people will be more welcoming.

    Are you from Australia? (:

  6. I hope you get to visit them all Keisha! (:

  7. this is an interesting article. i love all these places.


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