Halal Food Delivered to Dorms with a Single Click

Sept. 2, 2010 |  PRESS RELEASE Shelf Stable Halal Meals, Snacks Delivered to Dorm With a Single Click Mainstream Company Stakes Claim in ...

Sept. 2, 2010 | PRESS RELEASE

Shelf Stable Halal Meals, Snacks Delivered to Dorm With a Single Click
Mainstream Company Stakes Claim in $170 billion US Halal Market

Students are back on campus and soon the late-night study “munchies” will be part of their life. To meet their cravings offers Halal-certified shelf-stable foods & snacks such as beef jerky, granola bars, ready-to-eat meals, high protein instant beverages and much more, delivered to their door. All with only a single click.

“Students on campus don’t always have access to halal meals or halal stores,” says Don Tymchuck, President of Med-Diet Inc., the first mainstream US company to focus on halal-certified products. With this venture the company stakes a claim in the $170 billion US Halal market. “ wants to make sure keeping halal is only a click away. We know that this is a big concern for parents with children living on campus. Especially during Ramadan. Students can order single items or even a nourishing Care Pack delivered to their door,” he added. The Care Pack has a seven-day supply of halal goodies which is available in three cuisines: South Asian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean/African.

Med-Diet has surveyed 800 plus students from over 80 colleges to learn their food wishes. This resulted in adding dozens of new products It has also surveyed over 100 college foodservice directors to find out the challenges they have in providing halal meals in campus cafeterias. Mr. Tymchuck personally met with dozens of them at a recent college foodservice national convention to discuss ways to increase halal availability. “Nearly half of the colleges surveyed had 100 or more Muslim students; however, only 6% had halal meal plans. On the positive side, they really want to meet the dietary needs of all their students, and generally welcome their input.” only carries products that are halal certified or naturally halal. “There is an undeniable need for unbiased certifications from independent halal certifying agencies such as IFANCA,” says Mr. Tymchuck. “Muslim consumers deserve to know if a product is truly halal, so we provide the appropriate certificates on” caters to both consumers and the food service sector. Its products are available in bulk for universities, hospitals and caterers, as well as for individual purchases by the average Hussain, Syed or Mahmoud family.

Med-Diet’s current clients, for its other lines of products, include the likes of the mega corporation Sysco, a global leader in selling, marketing and distributing food products to restaurants, healthcare and educational facilities. “We are very interested in working with halal-certified manufacturers in need of a distribution channel, as well.”

In May, 2010, Halal Healthy and IFANCA held the first ever session on meeting the needs of the Muslim consumers at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) convention. NRA’s membership includes 380,000 restaurants, schools, recreation facilities, government institutions and other foodservice businesses.

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