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More and more Muslim entrepreneurs are designing green tech. Wealthier countries like UAE and Indonesia already boast sustainable programs f...

More and more Muslim entrepreneurs are designing green tech. Wealthier countries like UAE and Indonesia already boast sustainable programs funded by their government. 

We'd love to see and hear about developing cities producing eco-friendly tech designed by Muslims too. If you know someone who's mastered a green app, tech or product, leave us a comment below!

Here's 9 of our favourite green techy gift ideas perfect for Eid ul Fitr.

1) 'Takva' Zikr Ring

A digital ring for your daily Zikr that connects to an app on your phone.

Based in London, Takva (تقوى) boast a range of modern solutions to traditional Muslim issues like travel prayer clothing, performing wudu outdoors and digital prayer mats. Takva also are the name behind a new Zikr ring that's waterproof, stores your remembrance count and connects to phone technology to record your Tasbih
A gentle tap records your Zikr that can be personalised to flash and vibrate for each remembrance of Allah's name, or anything else you wish to read. 

It saves the need to buy plastic counters again and again while harnessing clever technology for anyone to use. We see this becoming a great gift for Hajj and for supporting people with dexterity problems. 

+ Tavka Zikr Ring (currently on sale)

2) Kaaf-Nun Compostable Cases

An Islamic inspired phone case that is eco-friendly and affordable? Yes please.
Kaaf-Nun are the only company producing phone cases that are not only made from sustainable materials such as wheat and plants, but are completely compostable. Green, Muslim and beautiful. 
Badshahi, Lahore phone case, Geometric star design

They make cases for iPhones, Google and Samsung. Each design is taken from Islamic architecture - whether it's the tiling of Moroccan mosques, geometry from Masjid Al Aqsa or the Rawdah of the Prophet's Mosque in Madinah.  They are all absolutely gorgeous and make the perfect present for Eid for under £20. 

Each design is manufactured to the highest quality and durability. Kaaf-Nun provide detailed guidance on how to dispose of them in garden waste bins for home-composting. Although, the life-span of these cases is very long and by their ethics and design, I wouldn't imagine wanting to throw a broken one away!

3) Eco-Friendly Vegetable Printers

There's a few eco-friendly printers on the market that range from office appropriate to home use. Here's a few we like:

4) Bamboo Speaker

Save electricity by using a signature bamboo speaker to enhance the sound of your mobiles and devices. Hand carved by Bamboo India artisans, this particular design is a stylish 'mini' speaker that amplifies your podcasts and music. 
It's made from sustainable bamboo and the company was seen on India's Shark Tank; they also sell bamboo cutlery, toothbrushes and stationery. 

An ideal eco-friendly Eid gift for Nasheed lovers. 

5) Green Muslim Apps

During Ramadan, you can automate your Sadaqah by setting up standing orders for your chosen charitable organisation. Fundraising names like LaunchGood (by Muslim convert Chris Blauvelt), and (founded by Shah H. Sheikh) are popular for setting up daily or monthly donations hassle-free. 
GreenTech Apps foundation is another UK based charity that provides Islamic apps for Muslims. They've developed 9 apps so far including Quran Tafseer and Seerah and a fantastic 'Deen Quiz', all of which can be downloaded via the app store. 

You can memorise Quran, look up a Muslim scholar and organise your productivity through their range of tech. For anyone who doesn't have access to an Arabic teacher, and struggles to commute, GreenTech Apps is a worthy cause to donate to. Their digital Ramadan Journal is also a must-have. 

GreenTech Apps is recruiting too so if you've got web development and app development skills, get in touch through their website. 

6) Sustainable Prayer Mats (Musallah)

We love this - a prayer mat for Muslims made from recycled plastic bottles. 
Inspired Ibadah are a green and ethical company focusing on taking back Salah to its natural origins.
We are all custodians of nature and so being eco-friendly and promoting sustainability are also acts of worship in their own right.
How Are Sustainable Prayer Mats Made?

The plastic bottles used for Inspired Ibadah's mats are converted into microfibre. The fibres have been bonded to a natural tree rubber base and then printed upon with water-based inks. An ingenious way to reuse waste into something pure and spiritual. 
The mats are padded for outdoor use, vibrant in colour, and they're biodegradable! Their price-point is on-point so these should be the only prayer mats you buy (on sale for under £30). 

Have you seen...
Unorthodox in its concept, Bahraini design office Shepherd Design Studio has reinterpreted the traditional Islamic prayer mat to make it more environmentally friendly. How? By knocking out half the material a traditional Musallah would use.
The prayer mat features an irregular form that is shaped around the seven points of contact the body is supposed to have with the floor during Salah.

Before it gets mass produced I'm sure the manufacturer's would incorporate the design instead of cutting out sections. Otherwise, it's a very holy mat indeed. Would you use this?

7) Wooden Adhan Clock

Why not gift a wooden clock that gives an alarm for each Salah? 

Zayoshe sells a minimalistic design that is reminiscent of Masjid clocks which show the timings for each prayer. This clock is electric but it's wooden design is a nod to sustainable materials. 

The clock includes full Quran recitation (word-by-word) and translation, a radio, bluetooth function and Duas.

8) Smart Plugs

For peace of mind, use a smart plug to control all your home appliances to save energy and money. 

Affordable (it's under £10) and linked to a phone app, this particular smart plug from TP Link is Alexa and Google assistant compatible and allows you to schedule all your devices. 

9) Smart Water/Sprinkler Controller

This is an existing idea but with enhanced technology. 

Control how much water is used for your plants and garden with American company Rachio's smart water gadget and app. 

It allows users to monitor their in-ground irrigation system when out and about. It schedules when to water plants and lawns. If it rains - the sprinklers sense the water levels and pause the next watering. This saves water, provides a visual on garden development and saves time. 

Rachio have also developed a smart bird feeder - solar powered and a smart hose timer. 

`Eid Mubarak everyone!



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