How To Grow An Organic Beard

All Muslims know growing a beard is a Sunnah tradition of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. But how many know HOW to grow a beard? Itch...

All Muslims know growing a beard is a Sunnah tradition of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. But how many know HOW to grow a beard? Itchy sideburns, patched moustaches, the odd chin hair here or there. It's not easy to grow a forest if you haven't got the seeds.

For the new Muslim man and younger guys about to embark on fully growing out their beard, here are a few tips from experienced bearded wise-men. Insha-Allah they will help you master this manly Sunnah!

Keeping the beard full and healthy is an important action within the Islamic faith. So much so, that men who knowingly shave off their beard or style it drastically otherwise are categorised as deviating from the natural way (Fitra) of men and therefore rejecting Prophet Muhammad's teaching. The wisdom behind this is to show the status of being a Man. A Manly Man. For Allah Who created people, men must try to nurture the qualities which make them beautiful and strong. Keeping a beard is just one of them.

1. Have Good Intentions
Every action begins with a Niyyah, an intention. Having a positive one will reinforce why you decided to let your beard grow. This will also help you understand if your beard hair length grows erratically. It's not about how you look, it's really about who you're looking up to: Prophet Muhammad, Allah's peace and blessings be upon him.

All the Prophets of Islam and great men have kept the beard as a sign of masculinity, maturity and because God told them to. Have the intention to follow in their footsteps, not anyone else's. Make du`a, a supplication, that it is easy to grow, not patchy and strengthens your faith.

Disregard anyone's jokes as a case of misunderstanding and attend "beard circles" with fellow Muslim men to learn how they cope with theirs.

2. No Chemical Products
Brushes, balms and conditioner should all be ethical and toxin-free. Especially since you're using these on delicate skin. While you don't need a variety of grooming tools, a sturdy brush, olive oil and beard shampoo are essential. The Etsy shop Beardology stock all of these at an affordable price, with customised organic ingredients.

Exfoliator and a balm can be used daily on the shortest of beard fluffs to prevent dry skin. A natural bristle brush is ideal for taming longer beards.

As much as you want to, never shave or trim
your first beard hair.
3. Grooming Days
As much as you want to, never shave or trim your first beard hair. Let the finer hairs on your cheek grow their natural way down to the thicker hair on your neck.
  • This first growth is usually softer, finer and slower so give it six+ months for the speckled hair to meet up all over. If you've already been shaving, stop and let the hair grow to two inches at least before you groom it any further.
  • Trim your beard once every 2-3 weeks when it's a good length to control split ends. Rustle up the hair between your fingers in good light to find and trim off any coarse dry hair which tends to split more. 
  • Then add balm to moisturise and brush your beard to smarten its shape. Hair is still technically alive and requires moisture; drink water and use oil regularly (e.g. maybe every Jum`ah).

According to Prophet Muhammad, men should grow out their beards and trim mustaches really short so if your upper lip is sporting a hedge, trim it back close to skin. Sometimes a short mustache compliments the beard so that's a choice you have to make.

4. Wash During Wudhu
Making Wudu (ablution) five times a day can dry out skin and wash away natural oil. To replenish this when you're out and about, take a small tin of balm or spray bottle of almond oil to reapply after each Wudu. Oils are a natural replacement and the best product for facial hair. Using them long-term brings the most benefits.

If you moisturise your hands, rubbing the extra on your face will not waste time. Dry your face and pat your beard. Rub the balm/oil/moisturiser onto your chin and neck using your fingertips and wipe it onto the hair ends, always in a downwards motion to catch strays.

If your beard is curly, let it be. It has character. To get a 'straighter' look use a blow-dryer while brushing downwards again from the top and from the neck - underneath to the bottom ends, There is no fast rule to keep a compact shaped beard but good presentation is important for Muslims. Remember that Prophet Muhammad scolded a man with dishevelled hair for looking scruffy. He was told to go home, groom up and come back looking cleaner. Also, the great Companions and Caliphs, Abu Bakr, `Umar ibn al-Khattab had dense beards, and `Ali's beard was more spread out across his chest. What does this tell you? It's all okay because it's natural.

5. Take Folic Acid
Keep your beard clean from food particles or else it will begin to smell. Eat healthier too because what you eat affects what you grow. Protein, folic acid, and vitamins A, C and E are known for promoting hair growth and sebum, the skin's natural oil.
Where to find them:
  • Protein & Vitamin B: protein is found in beans, rice, eggs and fish, while vit B helps your body synthesise the protein, and is found in lean meat, nuts and wholegrain.
  • Folic acid: papaya, asparagus, avocado, broccoli.
  • Vitamin A: milk, cheese, butter. 
  • Vitmain C & Vitamin E: citrus fruits, spinach, broccoli, mangoes.
Growing a beard is like plowing a field, it cannot happen by itself. Trust in Allah, don't be disheartened by funny shaped patchy beards which defy gravity-that's just genes. Follow through the steps above and you'll have a good crop of facial hair to be proud of.

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