5 Steps To Your Own Free Community Recycling Project

If you are Eco-conscious, finding ways to help green your community and lessen the impact our waste has on the planet is a priority. So if...

If you are Eco-conscious, finding ways to help green your community and lessen the impact our waste has on the planet is a priority. So if you want to put your eco-motivation into practise you can start your own “Green” Movement with as few as one person-YOU-and just a coupla' bucks, or pounds.
...And if it were not for Allah checking [some] people by means of others, the earth would have been corrupted, but Allah is full of bounty to the worlds. (Qur'an 2:251)
Step 1: Identify the recycling facilities in your area, what types of items they take and their hours of operation. Find out if they do local pick-ups, and how drop off services work. Some facilities may pay for glass bottles or aluminum cans, so this may be a good way to fund placing more bins and recycle more!

Locate a recycling bank in the UK with Recycle-More and check out what's recyclable on Recycle Now. Another great resource, Recycle Bank, is a points-based scheme that earns you points for every item you recycle.

Build A Team!
Step 2: Get together a small group of volunteers and acquire sturdy trash containers either from thrift stores, donated, or purchased, that have lids and can be easily cleaned and reused for recycling. Start by cleaning each container thoroughly and label the container using paint or printed signs to distinguish trash from recyclables. Cut a hole in the lid wide enough for cans and bottles.

Do more by approaching local businesses such as small restaurants, market stores and fueling stations that do not currently offer recycling, and offer to provide a clean, attractive bin with friendly pick-up and maintenance for no charge.

Remember: Just because they're corporate businesses doesn't mean they all reject human effort.

Identify Goals!
Step 3: Identify an area that can be used to sort, clean, and prepare items for recycling like your own mosque or a shared allotment. Involve the youth by organizing a friendly competition for a month to see what team (or recycling box) can save the most items from the landfills!

Below is a poster designed by our 17-year-old Eco-Muslim ambassador aka 'Eco-sister' who ran a recycling competition at her college last year. This is just one way of making trash look totally awesome.

Keep a tally and at the end of the contest, announce the results and have a recycle party where everyone brings a light snack in reusable containers and dishes, and enjoy the fruits of labor.

+ Get a Zero-waste Food-Tray Kit

TIP: Be extra green by using a small bucket of water to rinse and clean all recyclables as well as the recycle box and watering the garden or lawn afterwards!

Nominate Eco-Ambassadors!
Step 4: Arrange for pick up (at home) or easy drop off (at your facility), and identify the mode of transportation. Work on acquiring more volunteers, each one responsible for the placement and upkeep of at least one box once weekly.

TIP: Be extra green and reduce your carbon footprint by using bikes to transport recyclables!

Step 5: Get permission to place each recycle box. Place containers in common areas where people gather to share food. All volunteers will keep an eye on the boxes, and at the end of each week sort, clean, and prepare recycling for pick-up or drop off at the arranged spot. Clean recycle box and repeat!

Take part in saving Allah’s earth, and learn from the Prophet Muhammad, Allah's peace and blessings be upon him, as he encouraged us to keep our streets and communities clean:
"Removing harmful things from the road is an act of charity" [Abu Dharr Al-Ghafari]
In a clean community, everyone benefits, masha-Allah!

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