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As-salamu`alaykum eco darlings, peace be with you. I have many things to share with you and new projects lined up. *cartwheel* #DuaReq...

As-salamu`alaykum eco darlings, peace be with you.

I have many things to share with you and new projects lined up. *cartwheel*

Firstly, those of you with faith, please consider making a supplication (Du`a') for me as I have just completed my first weekend for a Foundation Islamic Studies (`alimah) course at Al-Markaz ul-Islami in Bradford. My heart feels elevated, Alhamdulillah. My teacher (Ustadh) said, "You are walking on the wings of angels". Alhamdulillah, praise belongs to God.

The -NEW- Huddersfield Eco-Mosque
Right, secondly: The Huddersfield Eco-Mosque is moving house. My sister and I have acquired a large building in Huddersfield which we are converting as our workshop centre. We will continue teaching the Islamic curriculum set up at Anware Madina mosque and the EcoIslam lessons, but commence new classes in our new building with several fantastic rooms, insha-Allah by Autumn. It's being cleaned up as I type and planning permissions are being sought. Photos to follow soon!

An Eco-Islamic Curriculum
Since we're teaching students aged 11+, we decided to produce a fresh curriculum that was rooted in traditional Islamic studies. British Muslims are different to Middle Eastern Muslims or European Muslims because we have mostly kept out heritage and integrated into Britishness.

Therefore our Eco-Islam curriculum will cover the general Islamic Fiqh (jurisprudence) topics like how to keep clean and pray properly, but also what to eat, how much water to use in Wudhu (ablution), why recycling IS Islamic, how to share the green Islamic principles across the community and other inspiring workshops. As we progress insha-Allah I will be sharing snippets of worksheets, lessons and projects.

+ Read more about the EcoIslam curriculum.

Eco-Mosque Logo Competition
To date I have 19 different logos submitted by designers for our Eco Mosque logo competitions. Designers are aiming high and a variety of styles have been entered. See the current logos shared on The Eco Muslim Facebook album.

If you'd like to submit a design or know someone awesome that will, read the full competition "rules". They're not really rules that's why I've written it "rules"...
  • REMEMBER: You may submit up to 3 different logos for a fairer competition. 
  • The deadline is 20th September 2013 
  • The words 'The Huddersfield Eco Mosque' must be used. 
  • You don't have to be a designer to enter, there is no age limit or experience required
  • Everything else is essentially up to you as the designer.

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