Re-potting Baby Tomato Plants In 5 Steps

You have already sown your vegetable seeds in spring (March-April) and propagated them; shoots appeared within 14 days insha-Allah. Now th...

You have already sown your vegetable seeds in spring (March-April) and propagated them; shoots appeared within 14 days insha-Allah. Now the seedlings need to move into a bigger home to grow and yield flowers.

Wait until the baby plants are at least 4 inches tall before re-potting them into individual pots. Save money on containers by reusing drinking cups as plant pots.

You Will Need:
  • Tray/pots of baby plants (count how many plants need repotting)
  • 4-5 inch deep plant pots
  • Nutritious soil/compost
  • Small trowel, and flower labelling stick (or small flat spatula)
  • Empty trays to store new pots (I use unwanted stationery trays found in schools)
1. Using a tiny flat spatula or a labelling stick available from all gardening shops to prise out the plant from underneath the roots. Keep the plants moist while moving by spraying water onto the roots and place aside to re-pot.

2. Lift out the entire plant from the lowest part of the stem without damaging or tearing any roots or knocking neighbouring plants. Keep some of the soil entangled in the roots, gently tap off large clumps.

3. Fill empty pots with planting/compost soil to the surface and lightly compress. Push a deep hole in using your finger or the back end of a tool.

4. Lower a single baby plant which is 4-5 inches tall into its own pot, ensuring the roots have enough room to grow outwards. Hold the plant in place and fill the surrounding gaps with soil by pressing down to support the main stem so it stands independently.

5. Water your new pots and check their water levels regularly. The plants should be watered deeply 2-3 times a week so that the soil is moist and wet, not soggy. If you have several plants, put them in an empty food tray like I have done and fill with 1 inch of water 3 times a week. Dehydrated plants will drink up instantly so always come back to check.

Once the plants are sturdy in their new homes, take them out during the day to harden them - it's like the teenage phase. Plants need to withstand climatic pressures therefore bringing them back in during the night strengthens their resilience.

Happy planting. (:

Gardening Tips
+ Grow Healthy Tomatoes
+ Use Plastic Muffin Boxes As Propagators


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