An Ethical Iftar Is About Organic Cooking And Fairtrade In Islam (EVENT)

MADE in Europe have joined up with Zaytoun CIC and Oxfam in what could be deemed the greatest ethical iftar in Ramadan since the Prophet M...

green ethical iftar ramadan
MADE in Europe have joined up with Zaytoun CIC and Oxfam in what could be deemed the greatest ethical iftar in Ramadan since the Prophet Muhammad shared his dates with the Sahaba.

An iftar meal that is ethical isn't a posh term for it's-going-to-be-upper-class or expensive. It is a clarification of the original reason why Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset, quite long days this summer, and how we should be cutting our luxurious 3-course meals back to basics.

Support concious eating and contribute to a sustainable cause, it's all free! Details of the iftars below.

FairTrade Muslims In Ramadan

When you buy your packed food do you really think about where it's coming from? Do you question its source, the working conditions of the packers and the actual cost of the food? Or do you shovel it in, too clouded by hunger to think twice (?) If you do question positively, good for you! You are taking the first step towards buying FairTrade, which makes that 'transaction' fairer to employees, the environment and to the planet.

Make Your Iftars FairTrade And Ethical

Ethics are the driving force behind FairTrade. Those working towards fairer conditions and costs ask us, the consumer, to start finding a few ethics of our own before buying off the shelf. Our iftar meals are no different.

Typically, working and travelling Muslims might pick up a sandwich after work or nip into a local shop to buy a ready-made meal and some dates. Many Muslim families across Britain will be home-cooking, or gathering for a pot-luck meal. In all this eating, the ethical part is the reassurance in knowing that the food you buy to eat is not detrimental to the standard of living for others.

An ethical iftar therefore begins with ethics, incorporates organic food without preservatives and chemicals, and encourages fairer incomes.

Attend A Unique Ethical Iftar In London

The iftar meals hosted by MADE in Europe, Zaytoun CIC and Oxfam will consist of ethical produce such as organic vegetables, free-range chicken and FairTrade tea and coffee. Your attendance would support the growth of conscious eating and perhaps save an aunt or friend from cooking an extra meal.

London: Al Manaar Cultural and Heritage Centre, 244 Aklam Road, London, W10 5YG @ 19:00 on Thursday 02 August 2012.
Birmingham: Birmingham University, St Francois Hall, The Cadbury Room at 19:00 on Friday 3rd August.
(Details for a Manchester iftar are to be confirmed).

To reserve a place, please email oussama[at]

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