"Upcycle" Eid Gift Envelopes From The Ramadan Joy Blog

You don't need glossy wrapping paper to make a gift personal. Sometimes, if not every time, handmade says 'heart made' and mean...

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You don't need glossy wrapping paper to make a gift personal. Sometimes, if not every time, handmade says 'heart made' and means it.

Eid and Ramadan are a time to give and keep giving. Here is a quick but creative project by Khadija Annette from the Ramadan Joy blog who truly knows what it means to recycle the kindness.

Photo credit: Ramadan Joy.
Instructions and template: The Eco Muslim.

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In many Muslim cultures money is the easiest gift to give, especially to younger children who are overjoyed with their new small fortune. This money is not usually gift-wrapped and is handed out like a loan! How much more fun to store it in a decorative pouch and personalise each pocket like Khadija has done for her classes.

Upcycle Eid Gift Envelopes
  • Get hold of a used envelope that's not torn and glue (non-toxic) your own label over the written address section.
  • Or stamp the envelope with paisleys and stars in purples and blues, be creative.
  • And if you don't own a set of rubber stamps, grab some coloured markers and decorate the entire envelope in a repeating pattern.
  • Alternatively, use this template to cut an envelope out of a sheet of 12"x12" patterned paper, fold and glue to make your own envelope.
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  • I would recommend saving clean scrap papers for projects like this. Secure them with a bulldog clip and re-use for gift-wrapping and list-making. Even regional newspapers and newsletters make really quirky "upcycled" envelopes to send gifts abroad.
  • Create your own labels or download these name badges to write the names of each child and to seal the envelopes.

Print or handwrite a personal 'seal' to close the envelopes.

+ Download The Eco Muslim Upcycled Eid Gift Envelope.


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  1. sultan Aslam gill31 Jul 2012, 09:06:00

    this cute thanks for sharing this idea, eid is coming this will be very useful. Send gifts to Pakistan from UK

  2. Spending moments on Eid with anyone is great joy, sharing gifts is common thing in Muslim society on Eid.

  3. Very interesting blog

  4. Thank you kindly Aqsa!

    Please do share posts you like and recommend green-deen ideas for us to use!

  5. Thanks for stopping by dear friend, may Allah bless you!

  6. How cute. thanks for the step by step and template, so useful when you have lil neices n nephews! May Allah reward you.


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