Cycling For Islamic Education - One Muslim Dad's Bikeathon

A Muslim school in Pennsylvannia embraces one dad's Bike-a-thon to raise over $20k Al-Huda School in College Park, Maryland, is the p...

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A Muslim school in Pennsylvannia embraces one dad's Bike-a-thon to raise over $20k

Al-Huda School in College Park, Maryland, is the primary Islamic education for many local families. But like many Muslim faith schools, education is dependent on the monthly tuition, and more Muslims wish they could contribute to its annual fundraisers.

Abdur Rashid is the ideal example of doing. Although he has struggled in the past to fund his daughter’s education at Al-Huda School, last year he made a creative choice to give more than what he could afford out of his pocket. Abdur Rashid decided to contribute himself, and launched a magnificent bikeathon.

Make Room: Muslim Dad On Bike
At the ripe young age of 40, Abdur Rashid collected sponsors per-pile from friends and co-workers, and rode from Al-Huda School in Maryland to a learning store in Alexandria, Virginia, taking bike trails and secondary roads the whole way.

He also pulled a small bike pod behind him and filled it up with books and learning material before trekking back to Al-Huda School – a 75 mile round trip. The class needed about $700 for the reading corner; Abdur Rashid brought in about $1500.

This year, he set a higher goal. He made plans to bike from Al-Huda School in College Park, Maryland to the Al-Huda School branch in Pennsylvania and back, a round trip of just over 230 miles.

alhuda school parents bikeathon
Abdur Rashid is monitored by a driver and received media attention for his challenging fundraiser

He told The Muslim Link:
“We plan to raise at least $20,000. This year we have better gear and help from The Muslim Link and social media, and I’ll represent sister Shirin Ishaq’s 1st Grade Girls. It’s a challenge for me to go the distance and to beat the clock, and a challenge to the community’s ideas about what goals we can attain with bold determination and patient labor, insha’Allah (God Willing),” - Abdur Rashid.
Setting off at 4 o'clock on Sunday morning, the journey was an estimated week's trip, which was regularly shared live on the bikeathon blog: Sabr Wins The Race, with the local and national community.

Abdur Rashid had prepared himself beforehand by toning up and following a diet routine.

While cycling, he only ate “a mix of honey, molasses, black seed oil and sea salt” and other high energy snacks while biking. He only stopped for prayer (salah) and for using the bathroom along the way.

“Our family loves bikes. Even though we have a tight budget we want to support Sabriya’s school and the community. Charity rides raise money for causes like cancer research so why not Al-Huda?”

muslims ride bike sports fundraise
Goal met! The welcoming celebration

2011 - Cycling To Higher Ground
After intense battles with steep mountain hills, extreme cold weather and dangerous road conditions which froze the brake pads on Abdur Rashid's bike, the bikeathon was complete when the public gave pledges currently totalling over $22,000.

Al-Huda School welcomed Abdur Rashid who was brought to the school via car after cycling for a total of 181 miles.

You can still pledge and get involved on Abdur Rashid's blog.
+ Sabr Wins The Race 

Images + Al-Huda School and The Muslim Link

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