Plant An Olive Tree In Palestine For Eid

While over 3 million Muslims will be performing Hajj this year,  25000 of which are British pilgrims , why not create your own reward by pl...

plant olive trees palestine
While over 3 million Muslims will be performing Hajj this year, 25000 of which are British pilgrims, why not create your own reward by planting a tree through Muslim Hands. I will!

In many parts of the agricultural world, trees remain an integral part of life as a source of livelihood. More industrial countries have practiced large-scale deforestation for manufacturing furniture and paper; this has destroyed our equilibrium of nature.

British Muslim environmentalists, Trees4Life strongly felt the need to grow trees and I too encourage British Muslims particularly to plant a tree in another country where it can become an important source.

Plant an Olive Tree with Muslim Hands
According to Muslim Hands, Israeli forces have uprooted an estimated 400,000 Palestinian olive trees since 2000. Orchards are the homes of olive trees which in many areas, Palestinian farmers no longer have access to, because of occupied territories.

Olive trees are deeply rooted in Palestinian heritage and provide hundreds of years of life as medicinal and oil uses or earnings from selling the fruit.

Recognising this need, Muslim Hands launched the olive tree plantation scheme in 2003, having since planted well over 35,000 trees and restoring the livelihoods of hundreds of people.

A simple process allows you to plant a tree in Palestine or Bangladesh through the charity without even leaving your house. A simply great life-giving idea that you can actually do.

plant olive trees palestine

You pay £10 for a tree or sapling that's planted in your name or a loved one and Muslim Hands team members do all the hard work. Muslim Hands sends you a Certificate of Plantation which make this an ideal Eid or birthday gift, and a souvenir for yourself. I may just plant one for every family member - best use of Eid money I can think of.

+ Plant a tree in Palestine for Eid

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