Picking British Apples From Our Orchard

As-salam `alaykum! *munches on apple* So, guess who got stung by a wasp? ME! My shoulder's still reverberating from the sting of evil ...

As-salam `alaykum! *munches on apple*

So, guess who got stung by a wasp? ME! My shoulder's still reverberating from the sting of evil wasps - but that's another story. We took a stroll in our apple orchard and picked beautiful drops of sunshine known an apples.

Alhamdulillah, all praise be to Allah, we've been growing apples for several years now. This year I tried not to poke the trees or give them any boosters (synthetic feeds) so they've been growing with Allah protecting them. And I must say, they have grown the best to date.

organic british discovery delicious apples orchard
Our orchards are in a previous property where the back yard was converted into a bit of a jungle. Creatures, plants and flowers have all intertwined quite artistically. To get to the apples I had to climb over the roses and was left was several scraps and cuts. No pain, no gain, right? But just look at'em. Gosh, they're spectacular.

organic british discovery delicious apples orchard
These are Discovery apples. Quintessentially English in flavour (they're sharp-sweet), I think these are historically a hybrid imported from Australia (found in Britain, Essex). The skin is striped in sun tinted yellows and speckled red with freckles all over. A twist this way and it breaks right off.

Discovery apples don't grow too big, they're large enough to palm and fit great into the kid's lunch-boxes (I say that like I have children, I don't). Harvest season is actually mid-September - the end of Autumn - but given English weather was a little chilly then, I picked them towards the end of the month, the perfect time really. The fruit is ripe, crunchy, with a sugary tang and floral scent. It's like eating a juicy crystal. I think that's the best way to describe it. A juicy crystal.

organic british discovery delicious apples orchard
I'm... just... out of... reach... *climbs tree*

organic british discovery delicious apples orchard
One branch on the tree that I could reach had amazing 10 apples. 10!

organic british discovery delicious apples orchard
After the picking and tasting I counted a total of 80 apples (some got nicked, and eaten). We carried them in baskets, in bags, in our t-shirt pockets and on our heads like traditional African women. Bringing them home, I dipped into my recipe book for interesting ideas... coming soon!

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  1. At the risk of sounding like a broken record - yay! garden update! 
             Ma'sha'allah, they are magnificent apples. Haha, you are like a mini-form of my Amma - she puts feed for our roses and that's why they do pretty well each year, for the most part. As you know, I just like taking pictures, but Amma makes these gorgeous arrangement's from them and the other flowers we have. Anyways, back to your garden . . 
              It's so great how you have so many different fruit-producing plants in that 'jungle' . .I mean, that is how nature is, just all things intertwined, though, I know some plants can nutritionally dominate others, if you know what I mean . .but sounds like yours is doing well, as you take good care of it, etc. 
             Thanks for the edumucation on the apples!

  2. Well, I think it's mainly because he ends up doing all the cleaning on the patio and he tells me there are already too many plants which makes it hard to clean that area. Just two days ago, I brought in 3 more plants and he was super angry.

  3. You're lucky you have an old backyard to use as an orchard. I was going to use my patio before my dad found out and basically forbid me from bringing any more plants in our patio=/

  4. Lol, why did your dad ban you? Fruit won't grow from large pots so try going with berries next year insha-Allah, God willing. Get a bunch of roses though, they are magnificent! Jazakallah khair for dropping by sister! (:


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