Spectacular Flower Displays And Urban Gardens At The RHS Tatton Park Show

I was invited in July to attend the Royal Horticultural Society's flower show in Tatton Park , Cheshire. So I took eco-mum along and h...

The Eco Muslim at the RHS Flower Show

I was invited in July to attend the Royal Horticultural Society's flower show in Tatton Park, Cheshire. So I took eco-mum along and had a smashing time. Amongst the spectacular shows were creative urban gardens, recycled school projects and football themed flower displays.

Of course I bought a truckload of bizarre looking flowers, I mean, I was with my eco-mum, how could I not? Here are a few of the amazing garden designs I saw...

A hedge stylist sells his leafy artwork at the booths.

Bournemouth town represents itself with a vibrant, deep toned garden, using hand planted flowers for the title and an 'angel' made from straw-like material (below).

Think Tim Burton.

Outdoor huts featured heavily. Designers used eco-materials and bamboo huts and sellers installed their own huge gazebos at the stalls for ethical shopping. It's a lovely sight and perfect for summer. I want one.

More natural looking gardens consisted of multicoloured flowers planted in large patches, wild and free. This particular garden display was meant to symbolise harmony.

I saw an aeroplane. We were near Cheshire airport. I dislike polluting air traffic.

A wickedly beautiful flower. Masha'Allah, as God designed it.

A modern ode to the classic fairy-tales, a red shed is decorated with various styles of red shoes as a sex in the city style celebration to what I think represents Red Riding Hood and Dorothy. 

Still on the theme of children's classics a clock and cart made from grasses seems to look like a mix of Cinderella and Little Miss Muffet. I'm probably completely wrong, again.

Over at the garden stalls (there were hundreds of them) sellers brought the most exquisite looking and perfumed flowers you could imagine. 

Football gardens! This is definitely one for the sports' fans although I myself was interested in the architectural delight. 

Another footy garden display for either Manchester United or Man City, the zigzag pattern symbolises running movements and footballers' dribbling skills. The red triangular box - spectators. You can almost here the cult-like commentary...

Dinosaurs At Large! Cheshire Zoo (UK) contributed to the show with this raptor surrounded by a swampy forest.  

Sponsored by RHS, Lifehouse is a professional spa treatment centre. I suppose they were trying to give a "your body is your carriage" message.

OXFAM's garden raised awareness for cancer research. It really was a heavenly design, especially with the small waterfall trickling into a stream.

The 'Pink' display was noted as a Visionary Garden by RHS. I think it looks mighty odd. Giant gum balls on sticks. 

A gardener snipped out of a hedge was a clever 'human' touch to this farmers display. Everything, including the 'soil' and lawnmower were created from plants.

A little early for Eidmas but this flower 'tree' is made entirely out of petunias. Doesn't it look illuminated?

A train made from flowers. I wanted to ride it, they wouldn't let me.

And an environmentally friendly car that replaces its fumes with foliage. Notice the pedestrian that looks like Hulk. 
Oh, and who's that inside the car?

I really wanted to say "that's me". I used to look like that, but I grew my hair out. The flower-person has rosy cheeks and lips made from twine and petals. Cute.

Away from the garden displays and inside the giant shoppers' tents were award winning flowers and vegetables for sale. This giant pom-pom flower was one of my favourites although I forget its name - and I lost my research pamphlet. Darn.

Mosaic gardens showed viewers it's easy to make your own haven in even the smallest of areas. Using garden boxes and smashed ceramics, a touch of creativity is all that's required. Bloomin' marvellous.

For a more sophisticated palate, this modern take on a backyard was pretty suave. A boxed lawn, blue gravel and round mirrors to echo the garden patch - neato.

Silver medal award winner. This gentleman's perfectly round flowers were a hoot.

The theme of urban gardening played heavily too as this display shows. The makeshift arches constructed from tree trunks are wrapped with fruit plant vines and the roof is smothered with herbs. Not an ounce of space is wasted as the decking too is covered with potted vegetables. This felt a lot like home.

One of the more exotic displays injected Mediterranean colours with British flowers. Contrast and subtlety are two words I repeatedly used. Great work says I!

For more flowers shows like Tatton Park check out what's going on.

+ Royal Horticultural Society (UK)

Images + The Eco Muslim, flickr


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