Photos From My Ramadan Cookie Recipients!

As-salam`alaykum and a merry Eid mubarak! As I've been posting out Ramadan gingerbread cookies per annual tradition , I wanted to tha...

Recycled Eid Card With Khalifa Message
As-salam`alaykum and a merry Eid mubarak!

As I've been posting out Ramadan gingerbread cookies per annual tradition, I wanted to thank and share what some of the recipients said.

I have sent out a couple of home baked gingerbread, one man and one hijabi, to everyone who supported my fundraising for Families Relief, Islamic Relief and I INSPIRE Inc. Everyone's donations are going towards helping very ill children in hospital feel more comfortable through a bedtime reading scheme, and the East Africa famine relief campaign.

Altogether I made and sent over 200 Ramadan Gingerbread Cookies along with hand made recycled Eid cards. That was time-consuming but worth it. I used recycled papers and hand-made papers that weren't made in a factory. Several gallons of water are used to make ONE sheet of white paper so I'm ditching white and going for grey!

I personally want to thank everyone so much for their donations, 'retweeting' #PayWithATweet and support on my Facebook page for The Eco Muslim. May Allah multiply your good deeds and may you see them as mountain heaps of good deeds.

Here is a photo of the somewhat injured gingerbread man taken by brother Hanif Rehman from England.

A donator from Canada said thank you by making a sweet YouTube video for The Eco Muslim. Jazakallah khayr!

Finally, thank you to everyone who donated and received a gingerbread couple from New York, India, Jordan, Texas, Oklahoma, California, Ohio, Pakistan, Mexico, Ireland, England, Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia... and exhale.

To keep donating towards the East Africa famine relief give what you can through Islamic Relief. For British citizens, text 70070 with "FEED44 £1" - or what you wish - and 'retweet' this to And contribute towards the bedtime reading scheme for sick children by clicking the donate button on

Peace and eco-jihad,
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  1. Well, that is why they invented royal icing...the equivalent of crazy glue in the pastry world. This is also the reason why Duff from Ace of Cakes personally delivers his creations in his van & never ships them. Hmmm, possibly a good excuse to use when you want to holiday in the states ;O) Have a wonderful Eid! 

  2. Jazak' allahu kairan Sister Zaufishan,

    I received my gift in this afternoon's mail. They were so broken up over leaving you, but then I think it was best or else I wouldn't have the heart to eat them. Sending you lots of love and hugs from Texas! Taqabbal Allahu minnaa wa minkum.

  3. Aw no, lol, masha'Allah. I really should have used more bubble packing for international shipping. All the more to share with others. (: Thank you so much for your support and the photo!


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