Making Your Ramadan A Fairtrade Month

This Ramadan, the  Radical Middle Way  is asking Muslims across the UK and around the world to think about the kinds of decisions we make ...

Packing food for breaking fast

This Ramadan, the Radical Middle Way is asking Muslims across the UK and around the world to think about the kinds of decisions we make when buying our food. Where does it come from? Who produced it? Did the journey it took to get to our plates render it ethical and fair?

At the start of Ramadan it’s the perfect time for our actions to reflect our beliefs, by pledging to support Fairtrade.

Yesterday was the first day of Ramadan and we were up early to begin the fast. Believers from Lucknow to London will set aside food and drink during the daylight hours. We will be called to hold our urge to consume in check. The evenings will be abuzz with the recitation of sacred texts. Voices will be raised in prayer, hands will be freer in giving charity and hearts will turn towards more soulful concerns – forgiveness, mercy and God’s grace.

Ramadan is a time for being conscious, for becoming aware of our place in the world and our role within it. It’s a time when hunger reminds us of those who do not have in a world where all could have. It’s a time when we grow aware of what goes into our bodies and where our food comes from. It is a time to share and reconnect with the things that make us most human – generosity, love, service.

Economic justice has always been at the core of Islamic ethics and values. Islam believes that people deserve decent working conditions. Islam believes that workers deserve a fair price for what they produce. Islam believes in putting an end to poverty and injustice. This Ramadan we’re putting these beliefs into practice.

The Campaign for a Fairtrade Ramadan launched in partnership with Fairtrade Foundation and the support of MADE in Europe and Islamic Relief is calling on Muslim communities to be pro-active this Ramadan and make Fairtrade products an integral part of beginning and breaking their fast.

We’re asking those who are marking Ramadan to take a simple pledge:
  1. Affirm the spirit of Ramadan in word and in deed - a spirit which calls on me to draw close to God by seeking His mercy, being charitable and promoting justice for all.
  2. Consciously buy, use and serve Fairtrade products this Ramadan in preparing meals and breaking my fast - products like bananas, dates, olive oil, coffee, tea and chocolate.
  3. Promote the principles of Fairtrade and encourage my family and friends, mosques and community organisations to commit to using Fairtrade products whenever possible seeking trade justice and a better life for all producers.
Add your name to the growing list on the Radical Middle Way fairtrade project.

The campaign continues throughout Ramadan – and beyond. Take the pledge and be part of making a difference – it’s simple and powerful.

Download the free Islam and Fairtrade document.

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+ By Abdul-Rehman Malik, Programmes Manager, Radical Middle Way
+ Fairtrade blog


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