Green Ramadan: How To Form A Green Mosque Committee

Image: flickr Step 1 . Create a Green Committee - Talk to your community about establishing a Green Committee. A Green Committee dis...

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Step 1. Create a Green Committee - Talk to your community about establishing a Green Committee. A Green Committee disseminates information on the importance of recycling and living an eco-friendly life.

Step 2. Consider solar energy. Talk to your community about using solar energy for heating and water. There are several businesses in the Chicagoland area that offer solar installations and other eco-friendly appliances.

Step 3. Post Fliers - Make copies and post fliers on community bulletin boards in schools, mosques, and local businesses. Make copies of the brochures, fliers, and recycling guides in this packet to distribute to the community. Have community volunteers distribute postcards.

Step 4. Mosques should utilise Friday Khutbas/Taraweeh Prayers to spread the word - Utilise time to talk about limiting waste and conserving energy during Friday Khutbas and Taraweeh prayers. Address the issue as an Islamic Duty to have a clean environment.

Step 5. Community Iftars - If your community hosts community iftars, take 5- 10 minutes to talk about the effects of going "green". Have fliers, brochures and recycling guides available. Contact your local mosque council for any 'Going Green' powerpoint presentations.

Step 6. Connect with other faith-based environmental organizations. Expand your efforts by uniting with organizations focused on the environment, such as Faith in Place ( Establishing coalition with other organizations will solidify and expand your efforts.

Step 7. Contact the Council of Islamic Organizations (Chicago) for any questions or information on the project.

From The Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago


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