Muslim Mothers: 100% Halal Baby Food Now Available In Canada . "100% Halal Baby Food" O.K. So, here is a halal  baby food brand that's hit Canada's and is available fo... "100% Halal Baby Food"

O.K. So, here is a halal baby food brand that's hit Canada's and is available for purchase online. It looks very nutritional (I don't know what babies will make of that) and is packaged fairly competitively in longer lasting vacuum packed wrappers, as opposed to jars.

I would make a severely bad candidate to review the food as I'm neither toothless nor into baby food right now.

Here's what Halal Yum's says:
"Halal Yums is Canada's first online Halal Baby Food store where we provide you and your baby with delicious baby food made from the highest quality ingredients and halal meats. Our tasty formulas are balanced with nutrients and vitamins and do not contain any preservatives or artificial colours and flavours. And with easy to store food packs, Halal Yums baby food maintains its freshness longer than the leading brand."

The clinical bit
"Formulated by our pediatric nutritionists, each tasty formula provides your baby with the optimal amount of vitamins and nutrients needed for healthy growing bodies. All our products are made from 100% Canadian certified Halal meat."

What I can add to Halal Yum's repertoire is kudos for their meat options that most food chains haven't tapped into for the Muslim market. On their current list of flavours are: » Chicken Rice & Corn » Chicken Oats & Apple » Pear & Peach » Banana Apple & Yogurt.
Hmmm, banapple and yoghurt, I want that now.

Try it for you little ones and do let us know how it tastes:


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  1. Hello for more information about Halal Baby Food you can see

  2. I've tried their product and MashAllah it's really good.  They do give out free samples if you join their facebook page.  :)

  3. I almost wish I had a greater incentive to join/receive free samples of halal baby food. Glad you found it beneficial. (: Masha'Allah.


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