Photo Diary: The Eco Muslim's Garden

As-salam`alaykum eco-dudes. I hope you're well, healthy, of sound faith and circumstance. Insha'Allah. I often go for a stroll in...

As-salam`alaykum eco-dudes.
I hope you're well, healthy, of sound faith and circumstance. Insha'Allah.

I often go for a stroll in the backyard of the eco muslim house and find the most beautiful of God's creation, sat pretty and complex. I say backyard but it's more like half an acre of untouched land... and I say stroll but it's more of a frolic and skip...

Well, come along, we don't have all day!

First stop, my favourite path leading up the archway and reddish acer tree (Japanese). Remember this picture very well because I'll show you how drastically it changes monthly.

Camellias in Spring. Smashing.

It got windy in February which blew this small tree over onto the path; it's obstructing the entrance to the lower level of the garden. I should really call a lumberjack, actually the opposite of a lumberjack - what's one of them called?

There's that path again. The eco muslim family and I pruned the hedges, scraped the moss and cleared the weeds for new shoots to grow. The acer tree at this stage hadn't leafed its red gems yet.

Opposite the greenhouse is a sloping plot of land that is mostly inhabited by ferns and perennials. When it's all chopped back annually it looks pretty desolate. Insha'allah, come late spring (this May) we'll have some floral colour from tulips and wildflowers.

Talking of flowers... I'm rubbish with names. Plus, my mother knows them all in Latin and I'm like "WHAT?! Copernickumitisyfunghi-thingymibob...?" As I said, rubbish with names. I believe this is a variation of the rose.

As is this. Purple specks and green stamen and pollen that's not quite reached the tops and white shields... Poetic, alhamdulillah. (right click and open in new tab for high resolution)

I have solar powered lights bordering the pathways which is great for the evenings and outdoor prayers (salat). I should invest in a few more. 

These came out late spring. They're edible apparently, but don't quote me on that. I don't have insurance.

A host of golden daffodils. These were in pairs.

These grow in pairs too. A white variation. Allah says all things grow in pairs. I really believe that. Chromosomes, leaves, men and women. 

O.k. This is the side partition to the eco muslim garden. Lawns and large trees are situated here with a patch of poppies that grow wildly every summer.

Here's a close up of the yet-to-open poppies. Very bohemian chic.


A glossy leafed plant. Its pinkish leaf is its flower.

I adore these checked mauve and purple bell shaped flowers. I must start memorising their names.

Check out the design: doesn't it look like Allah dipped the petals in paint? It's a childlike thought but go with it.

Hardcore tulips.

Now in May, the acer tree is covered in its unique copper red leaves. I took this photo stood underneath, facing up at Allah's sky.

The acer tree from a lower perspective.

Glad you stuck around till the end. That's the end of this particular tour (that'll be fifty quid please...). Till next time,

Peace and respect and wholesome jihad.
The Eco Muslim


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  1.  Ma'sha'allah, beautiful pictures. When you mentioned that first 'pair" I said to myself "Allah made things in pairs" and lo and behold, you mentioned that as I scrolled down . . . ahh, your mother sounds like my father; he would take me around our garden (around the house, though we do have some steps among the rose bushes) and tell me the names of the  different variety of plants that we had in our garden. Then the next time around on a following day, I had to try and recall the names - some were easy enough, others, not so much. 

    It's amazing how some flowers or plants, it seems like it has been 'tampered with' with some child's messy artwork, but Subhan'Allah, it is the Divine Artist who has done the 'painting.' I love it - how can one not think of the Creator, a Higher Power, when seeing such things? This is a question for those on the outside, if you know what I mean.

    Love the way the garden is arranged - a stroll, a skip, whatever it may be, seems like a pleasant environment -as long as it's been cleaned, trimmed and made up all nice and neat, ready to be taken in by all the senses! 

    Thanks for sharing, as always Ms.Eco-Muslim!

  2. A bit late to comment, but thanks for sharing! Masha'Allah amazing garden, love the pathway and the mature trees. And its OK not to prune sometimes and let nature takes it course, adds to the natural beauty!

  3. Such a beautiful garden you have and very beautiful flowers are present in it. My favourite flower is White lily and here it is. I like to visit your garden at once and enjoy the company of great flowers with pleasant smell.

  4. Shukran for stopping by sister Fehmida! The eco-family may not approve of denying the land a haircut. Stay in touch +


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