Event: Islamic Community Food Project, May '11 London

From Wisdom In Nature A community organising event by the Wisdom In Nature eco-Muslim team, keeping the earth in mind. "On the eart...

From Wisdom In Nature

A community organising event by the Wisdom In Nature eco-Muslim team, keeping the earth in mind.

"On the earth there are Signs for those of inner certainty, as also within your own selves..." (Qur' an, 51: 20-21)

Next gathering: Sunday 8th May 2011
Time: 11am-4pm
Venue: Spitalfields City Farm, Buxton Street, London, E1 5AR (near Brick Lane). Nearest tubes:
*Use either Bethnal Green or Liverpool Street* (both on the central Line and still walking distance) as other local lines are scheduled to be closed during the weekend. Buses D3.

Map & Directions: Spital Fields City Farm - Plan your trip

Organised by Wisdom In Nature (WIN) with Spitalfields City Farm

Some people call it a 'food growing project'; others, like Corporate Watch describe it as 'part of a rising social movement that can shake...the global corporate food system'. So, what happens in the Islamic Community Food Project? Who is it for? And what will you be doing if you join in?

  • The gathering is open to people of all faiths and beliefs; Tower Hamlets residents especially welcome.
  • Be empowered: Practicals on the land and grassroots organising with like-minded participants.
  • Develop experience in social change and facilitation: life-enhancing skills that are vital in today's world.
  • Hear and share ideas and stories: Take small, vital steps to make the imagined real.
  • Bring a team spirit and the yearning of your soul to create a sustainable, more compassionate world for all!

As more people organise from the grassroots, community food initiatives are on the rise. These small steps not only empower, but offer alternatives to the globalised food system that favours multinationals. At the same time, within Muslim communities awareness is growing that Islam offers ecological principles that extend beyond the term 'halal'. This project aims to contribute to a more holistic way of thinking - one that empowers individuals, helps build resilient communities, and genuinely draws us towards a sustainable and more compassionate world.

  • Anyone seriously thinking about being involved with the ongoing project. All kinds of experience and backgrounds are welcome. Also present will be those already involved.
  • A background in community organising or Islamic ecological activism is a plus, but is not essential. The project caters for anyone motivated to contribute. You will have more to offer than you may now imagine!

  • This is the fourth gathering.
  • WIN will participate in a hands-on practical on the land with Spitalfields City Farm.
  • here will also be a workshop with Wisdom In Nature: Existing participants will give a brief presentation about the project to help everyone get up to speed. We will then get creative, yet realistic, as we co-organise our next key step on our journey - a stimulating, fun, open event for July on the theme of the project: We will ask ourselves, what would we like to see there? And what can we each offer? (The outline so far centres on: a campfire, picnic, workshops, talks). The collective spirit in organising will be of co-learning and being empowered, which will include taking responsibility. 
  • The project is ongoing, and for those who want to continue there will be follow-up activities for organising and taking action together.

Please dress for the weather and bring sturdy footwear. Tea/coffees/refreshments will be provided. Please bring food to share for lunch.

COST: £5 per person. Reduced rate for unemployed/regular WIN donors/regular participants (£2).

REGISTER: To reserve your place, please send an email titled 'Register', with your full name to:

You will then receive confirmation and further info. Note that each person must register for her/himself only, and registration is for the full day.

Event organised by my friends from the 
Wisdom In Nature team.


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