5 Reasons Why Malaysian Highways Are World's Most Halal Friendly!

From  | 27th Jan 2011 Eco Chalets in Malaysia "The most enjoyable part of driving along the highways of Malaysia for a...

From | 27th Jan 2011
Eco Chalets in Malaysia

"The most enjoyable part of driving along the highways of Malaysia for a Muslim traveller, are the Halal friendly facilities and services along the Highway. Here are five good reasons why they are probably the most Halal friendly highways in the world today.

  1. Prayer facilities: at all the stops along the Highways, it has very well maintained prayer areas, seperately for males and females. Most of them are exceptionally well maintained with very comfortable wudu facilities. In other countries where they do have places for salaath along the roads, most of them do not take the same care as taken by the Malaysian highway operators in making the prayer places clean for both males and females.
  2. The washrooms are clean and are generally fitted with handshowers with separate well-maintained facilities for males and females. In some places you could even find showers.
  3. All the stops have food outlets which serve Halal food. Most of them are food court like facilities. However some stops have restaurants as well. In general all of them serve Halal food at reasonable prices.
  4. Most stops have child friendly facilties for children to release their energy!
  5. Most of them also have other amenities like ATM machines, general needs shops etc.

Most importantly, there are stops at every 30 to 50 km and all of them are clean and well maintained. It is a great way to cruise along (you need to stay below 110 kmph though!) and enjoy Malaysia while knowing that you do not have to worry about Halal food or finding proper facilities for Salaath.

There are other Muslim majority countries who do have such services, but still have some way to go in terms of providing consistently clean and comfortable services all along the highway."

Image:: Diveguide, Malaysia' Eco Chalet

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