OnePure, a First in "Halal" Eco Skincare Products

OnePureHalal cosmetics originally published on Green Prophet | By Zaufishan | 25th June 2010 OnePure’s halal products are gelatin-free,...

OnePureHalal cosmetics originally published on Green Prophet | By Zaufishan | 25th June 2010

OnePure’s halal products are gelatin-free, designed especially for Middle Eastern women and Muslims.

Finally, here is a beauty range that is not only ethical but halal (permissible to use in Islam) and therefore aimed specifically at the growing Muslim beauty market: OnePure Halal Beauty, created by Canadian-born Layla Mandi, is a unique skincare line containing only halal ingredients.

The founder is a converted Muslim working as a make up artist in the USA, who promotes the cleaner beauty products with the assurance of the halal certification. This is significant for Muslims; an Islamic authority – Imam – inspects the production factories to ensure there are no haram (forbidden) products or alcohol used in the manufacturing process.

This is important for Muslims during prayer since no impurities are allowed on the body or clothing; OnePure ensures a spiritual ethos while remaining clean and smelling sweet.

For products to pass the halal test any animal ingredients used in them must comply with the Islamic - Shariah code of slaughter, otherwise they need to be vegan.

What’s haram any way?

Some of the potentially questionable or haram ingredients used in mainstream beauty products are:

  • Oleic Acid: found in moisturizers
  • Lauric Acid: found in cleansers, exfoliants, and moisturizers
  • Allantoin: found in moisturizers, toners and after shave
  • Collagen: found in moisturizers, exfoliants, and cosmetics
  • Keratin: found in moisturizers
  • Palmitic Acid: found in moisturizers, masques and cosmetics
  • Gelatin: found in moisturizers, cosmetics
  • Stearic Acid / Stearyl Alcohol: found in moisturizers, cleansers, cosmetics, toners, masques, exfoliator, and after shave
  • Glycerin/glycerol: found in moisturizers, cleansers, and after shave

 A range of products offered by OnePure.

Further, OnePure’s innovative products suit Arabic skin types and help with skin burn and breakouts in extreme weather conditions. Rose water, whey proteins and camomile are just a few of the deeply soothing extracts used.

OnePure currently has 13 products with more in development. Their product line includes anti-aging creams, acne soother, the Perfect Toner and cleanser created for the ‘Gulf consumer’, eye creams to alleviate dark circles and moisturisers with a special formulation that keeps working even in humidity.

Unfortunately OnePure is only available in the UAE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Here’s hoping they open up in a drugstore near us soon!

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  1. Isn't it interesting that Muslims only care about 'Halal'??? How about all those carcinogenic and toxic chemicals? OnePure does not even list the ingredients on of their products on their website. Please Muslims wake up and don't pay loads of monies for these products. You only need pure natural and organic products free off chemicals which are the real HALAL products!

  2. You make a great point. 'Halal' doesn't necessarily mean ethical, zabiha or all-organic.

    Please read this for an interesting explanation:


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